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:iconheisenking: Nicola Balocca - Story
:iconlemniskate: András Gyúró - Art and edits
:iconm3gr1ml0ck: Franco Villa - Lettering

- Optimus Prime is based on the Botcon 2008 Shattered Glass version.

- A fake teaser can be found here: Regeneration Plus Optimus Prime


Some time ago, in the swamps, Prowl fell victim of an attack from the dimension traveler known as Rampage.

But it is not only that Predacon who is interested in coming to Earth: new and important protagonists are arriving!

Discover with us a new group of mysterious Transformers, ready to invade our planet!

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RyugaSSJ3's avatar
Sounds like Abridged Optimus to me.
h-perales3's avatar
uhhh. look red autobot  got forget purple autobot!
Lemniskate's avatar
"to invade our planet!" There goes the last bit of subtlety and misleading...
RegenerationPlus's avatar
That's what happens in almost every fictional work.
In our case, luckily, they will not attack New York. xD