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:iconheisenking: Nicola Balocca - Story
:iconjoeteanby: Joe Teanby - Line art
:icongambits-wild-card: Jason Nangle - Colors
:iconm3gr1ml0ck: Franco Villa - Edits & lettering

- Panel 1 and 2: the siege of Koraja was originally told in Headmasters #2 pages 18/20. The Transformer killed here is a generic Autobot.

- The Decepticons don't know the true fate of Megatron who left Cybertron eons ago.

- Panel 3: as told in Headmasters #3, we can see Scorponok, Snapdragon, Mindwipe and Weirdwolf are undergoing the Headmaster process and bonding with their Nebulan partners.

- Panel 4: shows the moment that Scourge, Cyclonus, Triggerhappy and Misfire obtain their Targetmaster partners and related technology, as originally told in Headmasters #4.

- Panel 5 is set after Headmasters 4, where the Decepticon left Nebulos in order to reach Earth to continue their fight against Fortress Maximus.

- Slugslinger, as described in his original Marvel profile, is known for telling less than credible stories.

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