Chronology of all the Regeneration Plus stories

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Published: December 5, 2014
Here's the chronology concerning all the stories featured on the Regeneration Plus project.

- Shortly after G1 Marvel US #12: Exhaustive Analysis; Fatal Encounter

R+00 p05 eng EA by RegenerationPlus     R+01 p07 FE eng by RegenerationPlus

- In conjunction with Headmasters #1-4: Rising Star; Burning Star

R+04 p03 TUp1 RS p01 eng by RegenerationPlus    :-:

- Contemporary to G1 Marvel US #49/50/51: Mechanoids in Disarray; Bring us our Leader!

R+00 MaD p01 eng by RegenerationPlus    R+01 p01 BuoL eng by RegenerationPlus

- Circa contemporary to G1 Marvel US #65/66: A Vulgar Display of Power

R+02 p01 AVDoP p01 eng by RegenerationPlus

- Shortly after G1 Marvel US #68: A Flight into the Maelstrom; Renegades Over America...; ...And Under the Sea; Hate is All They Need;

R+ 02 06 AFITM p01 eng by RegenerationPlus    R+03 p01 RoA p01 eng by RegenerationPlus     R+03 p05 aUtS p01 eng by RegenerationPlus     R+03 p08 HIATN p01 eng by RegenerationPlus

-Between G1 Marvel US #80 and Regeneration One #80.5: M Changes the World; Desperate Fight!; Yesterday's Hero, Tomorrow's Enemy; Guilt; The Last Spark;

R+01 p12 MCtW eng by RegenerationPlus    R+02 p10 DF p01 eng by RegenerationPlus    R+02 p16 YHTE p01 eng by RegenerationPlus     R+03 p16 Guilt p01 eng by RegenerationPlus     R+ A#01 p01 TLS p01 eng by RegenerationPlus

- Regeneration One #0.1: Multitasking of Evil

Multitasking of Evil by RegenerationPlus

- After Regeneration One #100: Hail to the King!

Hail to the King! by RegenerationPlus
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Very cool to see this all laid out. Hopefully this will keep being updated :)
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RegenerationPlusHobbyist Digital Artist
Oh yes! I'll update it constantly.

In the future all the storylines will collide and this chronology will be helpful to understand everything.
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Excellent. This is a very good reference.
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RegenerationPlusHobbyist Digital Artist
In my mind it's all clear but, talking with some reader, I've realized that for others is not too simple to fully understand my "vision". :-)