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Published: April 15, 2003
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a wee little wa2 project i've been fiddling with...

19.4.2003 - *Updated* - Now includes full support for Winamp 2.9
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This skin is beautiful and deserved a DD  with more certainty than that Water Elemental by xenosomething (also on this site), not even ready for Winamp 2.9 !!

So, I'll give it a DD of my own... +fav +fav   Bullet; Purple Bullet; Yellow Bullet; White Bullet; Black Bullet; Red Bullet; Green Bullet; Blue Bullet; Pink Bullet; Orange  Congrats for the skin and for the DD !!  Hahahahaha. No. 
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sinanProfessional Interface Designer
Still one of the best skins around. :) This was just plain awesome when you first released it, and its still awesome now. Just so fresh and clean. I loved the transparency and crisp shading. :)
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woow, very slick look you gave it! that is great. better than most the regular fancy skins ive seen. that EQ looks soo slick
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It does look like a modern skin for WA3, very nice work. Keep it up.
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I already did that, it still doesnt come up...i looked in the skins area on Winamp and all it has is the base...i doubled checked it and i did everything right :\
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How do you get the skin to work...i tried opening it and i get nothing. ill admit im a n00b -_-
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don't 'open' the skin; you need to put the skin file into your winamp default skin folder - usually something like " C:\program files\winamp\skins\". you cam then select the skin from the winamp skins menu.
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Grabs this one instantly.

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dawg4life2k1 Digital Artist
Very unique and creative...

The components of the skin fit together seamlessly.
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I'm not great at commenting....but I feel like since I'm going to download this and use it....I have to say something at least, otherwise I guess I would feel kinda guilty...heh....dunno, I'm a tard. You did a great job...I mainly love it cuz of the cool blue color you chose. Looks nice! :) (Smile)
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What else can I say that hasn't already been said? The colors are beautiful. A readable playlist! Yes! The equalizer and the popup menus...what an original idea! This is just the most incredible WA2 skin I've ever seen. I agree...I definitely would have expected this to be for WA3. What a more-than-pleasant surprise.

The only thing I noticed is that the List Options popup goes behind the base instead of in front of it. But that's such a minor thing that I really don't even care.

I can't wait to see more from you.
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gemini523Hobbyist Artist
I love it... i have an idea though , make the grey shiney ..maybe?.....i dunno but great work...
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Yep. Some constructive criticism, hope you don't mind.

The texture of the skin looks a bit too clean...i can't quite describe it...generic...

Hmm...i think the fault lies in the shadowing...
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Congratulations on being featured in the #2 installment of Fortnight Art Spotlight by *lllo0o0olll!! :D (Big Grin)

Loving the brushed metal and the bubbles in the equalizer. :D (Big Grin)
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pixelmasochistProfessional Interface Designer
This really is very clever!
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nice one.... very nice.... found a new default +fav
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This is one of the very best skins I've seen and the transparency and outside-the-box concept is excellent. The shading of the various components is near perfect and there is a symmetry / fluidity to this that really appeals to me.

I have one nit, and it is on the shading / smoothness of one set of components:

The corners.

If you could round them off just a wee bit more smoothly (I know this must be very difficult with the shading), this would go from excellent to superlative.

As it is, I am mightily impressed and believe you me that isn't easy to do - most of the "let-me-do-yet-another-dressed-up-box" stuff doesn't even get a second glance from me.

Very well done!
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Wicked skin, I like the way all of the buttons toggle and open the pop up windows.
My only criticism is the text is a hair small on the minimized bars.
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This is my current favorite skin! I love the colors and shapes to the design. Very sharp and stylish.
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fabulousness. ditto on the +fav...i dig the blues muchly. ^_^
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Wow. It's like WA3 work, it's so crazy and good.

Just a little couple probs but no worries. When only the Main window is out of windowshade mode and the EQ is below in windowshade, they don't fit right, but that's probably cuz you organized this so the EQ goes on top. And also, where is the Winamp logo button? The one you click for the Media Library? I see where it should go, but there is transparancy there.
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awesome skin man... this is the most original skin i have seen in the past 6months easily... top notch work man...
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