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Dean glanced out the window, and then down to Cas, who seemed comfortable enough where he was laying. Dean sighed, this waiting was the worst. They had no idea when that thing was going to come back, or what it was going to do. He couldn’t imagine what else it could do to Cas, but he knew it could do the same to him. Dean didn’t care though, if he had to suffer, and it meant that Cas was okay, then that’s all that mattered. Dean looked down at the angel, and had the overwhelming urge to reach down and stroke his hair, if it were possible. Dean strained. “Well it seems I let the wrong Winchester go,” a voice said. Dean turned to see Crowley standing on the other side of the bed.

“Crowley?” Dean asked. “What do you want?” Crowley waved his hand and the shackles unlocked. “I was hoping your brother was going to kill her, but it seems that she has the upper hand,” Crowley said, taking another stake out of his jacket. Dean turned to face the demon. “What are you talking about?” he asked, getting up. “The thing that is holding you captive is a goddess, a goddess of pain, and I set your brother free so he could kill her, but apparently she got at him before he could strike,” Crowley explained. Dean’s eyes widened, but he didn’t say anything. Crowley tossed the stake to Dean, who caught it, then looked at Castiel.

“Whoa, whoa, wait, you let me go, but not Cas?” Dean asked. “Angel wards, can’t touch them,” Crowley said. “Yes you can!” Dean exclaimed. Crowley rolled his eyes. “There’s no time, if you want to stop her, you can stop her now, and it may be the only chance.” Dean looked down at Cas, then back to Crowley, but the demon was gone. “I’ll be back,” Dean said, and went to leave, when he noticed the shackle holding Castiel’s ankle was unlocked. “You comfortable Cas?” he asked. “I’m fine Dean,” Castiel told him. “What about your wings? Do they hurt in that position?” Dean asked, walking over. “They are sore, yes,” Castiel said. “Then here,” Dean told him, gripping the angel under the arms. “Let me.” He sat Castiel up so he sat against the headboard. “Better?” Dean asked. Castiel thought for a moment. “The ache is not as strong in this position,” Castiel said. “Good,” Dean said, smiling. “I’ll be right back to get you out of those cuffs.” He turned and walked out of the door.

Dean crept to the doorway where Sam and Gabriel were, and peeked around the corner. He saw the arch angel pinned to the wall and Sam to the other. The figure…goddess, Dean corrected himself was inches from Sam. Suddenly Sam cried out, and Dean felt his blood boil. No one hurt his little brother. Dean walked into the room, and paused, just in case, he didn’t want to be flung into a wall. He looked at Gabriel. The arch angel nodded. Sam cried out again, kicking against the wall. Dean lunged forward, jabbing the stake in through the goddess’s back. Odyne arched back, her hood falling. Sam and Gabriel collapsed to the floor. Dean twisted the stake. “I told you I would get you,” he growled as Odyne squeaked out a last breath before collapsing to the floor. Dean looked up at Sam, who nodded, and went over to Gabriel. Dean turned and went back into the bed room. No one said anything about how he wasn't wearing pants.
no warning again, unless a half naked Dean bothers anyone
I've gotten a few reviews on fanfic, but if you still want to review there, I am SlasherFiend14

ch. 10-
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o god dean put on some pants
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