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Sam tugged against the ropes that held him. Gabriel rolled his eyes. “That’s not going to do anything,” the arch angel told him. Sam looked at him. “Well I don’t see you doing anything.” Gabe opened his mouth to speak when his eyes grew wide and he paled. “What? What is it?” Sam asked, concerned. “She didn’t,” Gabriel muttered. “What?” Sam asked, getting a little impatient. “That bitch!” Gabe hissed. “She’s gone too far!” “Gabe, what are you talking about?” Sam asked. “Odi’s in with Dean and Cassie, I don’t know how long they’ve been under, because I can only get in touch with little bro’s grace. But I know what she’s doing now, and I really expected better of her.” Sam nodded, indicating Gabe to go on. “She’s messing with Cas’s wings,” Gabe told him, swallowing thickly. “What? Is that possible?” Sam asked.

Gabriel nodded. “She is a goddess, and she’s got the juice. She can’t do it to me, because we’re matched power wise, but to Cassie, that’s a different story. I didn’t think she would do it.” Sam frowned; he didn’t know what to say. “Do…do you know how she’s doing it?” he asked, not wanting to think about what the answer could be, and what it would do to Dean. Gabriel shrugged. “Not really, but whatever it is, it hurts, I can hear Cas screaming through our link,” the arch angel told him. “Do you think Cas will be okay?” Sam asked, shocked. Gabe nodded. “If we can tap our power, yeah…” he said. “But if he can’t?” Sam asked, not liking where this was headed. “He would need time to heal, time we may not have where Odi is concerned.” “Oh,” Sam said, and then heard angry cursing from his brother. “And it seems Dean’s not happy about it.” Gabe smirked. “I have to give your thick headed brother some credit; I haven’t seen too many people stand up to Odi like Dean has.” Sam smirked too. “Yeah, Dean knows how to piss everyone off.”

Then Sam’s smile fell. “We have to stop her Gabe, or she’s going to destroy our brothers, I doubt they’ll be able to take much more after this.” Gabriel nodded. He wiggled in his cuffs. “If I could get one hand free,” he grunted. Despite the situation, a playful smile tugged at Sam’s lips. “If we weren’t here,” he muttered softly. “Those noises…” Gabe looked up at the hunter. “Samuel, are you thinking kinky things about me?” Sam felt a lop sided smirk grace his lips. “I might be,” he said. Gabriel grinned. “When we get out of here, you have to tell me what you’re thinking.” “Deal,” Sam said. They smiled at each other when an English accented voice said, “Do you two mind not doing that when I’m in the room?” The arch angel and hunter turned to look at the other side of the room where a man with short cut black hair, and an all-black suit stood.

“Crowley?” Sam asked, uncertain that the self-proclaimed king of Hell was really there. Sam heard the cuffs that were holding Gabriel creak. “No it’s the other King of Hell, who’d you think it was?” Crowley asked. “Do I dare ask how you found us?” Gabriel growled. “No, and I won’t tell you, not when I have a possibility of being smote, though from the atmosphere, I doubt you have enough power to get Sam off,” Crowley said, smirking. Sam cleared his throat. “What are you doing here?” Crowley turned to Sam. “What does it look like? I’m helping,” Crowley told him. “Why?” Sam asked, shocked. “Because as much as I hate to say it, if you boys are gone, then I’d have nothing to do, I’d have to actually have to get rid of those that I can’t stand anymore by myself. And if you’re going to die, it’d be by my hands, not some old wench’s,” Crowley told him, waving his hand and the rope came off of Sam. Sam stood and stretched. “How’d you get in here?” he asked as he went to free Gabriel. “This place is covered in wards.” “Yes, to keep angels out, she didn’t count on demons,” Crowley explained. He reached into his jacket and pulled out a sharpened stake. “And I got this ready for you too, give her a jab for me.” Sam helped Gabriel to his feet. The hunter turned and the demon tossed the stake to him. “Oh and I’d prefer if you didn’t come after me,” Crowley said, and then vanished.

Gabriel went to walk over to where Crowley had stood, but Sam put a hand on his shoulder. “We have to stop her first.” Gabriel nodded. Sam turned and saw Odyne walking out of the room that Dean and Cas were in. “Shit,” Sam muttered. Gabriel turned. Sam gripped the stake in his hand and stepped forward, only to be flung against the nearest wall, the stake dropping to the floor. Gabriel turned to face the goddess. “Yes we got out, and Odi, you’ve hurt my brother badly, which doesn’t place you in my friends list. You know what that means, right?” the arch angel asked as the goddess glided up to him. Gabriel looked up into the hood, though she wasn’t much taller than him. “We were friends once, why can’t we talk like we used to? Is it because you found out that I’m an arch angel?” Odyne raised a cloaked arm and Gabriel gasped, and then groaned, sinking to his knees. “Gabe!” Sam called, struggling.

“I guess so,” Gabriel chocked out. “I don’t want to harm you Odi, I really don’t, but you’ve gone too far. And these boys won’t stop till you’re dead.” He raised his head to look up at the goddess. “And I won’t stop them.” Sam heard an angry shout and the goddess swung her arm back, and then aimed at Gabriel. Sam watched as Gabriel turned, putting his arms up over his face, when a blast of energy came from the goddess and illuminated, for a second, Gabriel’s wings. Sam’s eyes widened and he gasped softly, the wings were gold, and they were up, shielding Gabriel from the goddess’s attack. Gabriel turned to Sam. “You saw them?” the arch angel asked, and the younger Winchester nodded. “Gabe, they’re beautiful.” Gabriel smirked. “Now’s not the time to get sentimental on me Sammy.” Once the blast ended, Gabriel stood. He reached up and pushed the hood back to reveal Odyne’s face. She was pale, but beautiful. She had long dark brown hair that came down as curls. Her lips were dark red, like blood. Her eyes hardened and she pulled her hood back up.

“You’re weak,” she hissed out. “Yeah, well, no thanks to you,” Gabriel told her. He swore he could see her eyes narrow. “Why are you doing this Odi?” he whispered, taking her hands in his. “We were so close…” “You lied to me,” she hissed. “I had to, I knew it wouldn’t be long before the Christian faith sprang up, which meant I had to go be an arch angel again. I wanted to spend the time I could with friends, then do my thing, and then go hide again. I wasn’t planning on staying forever…” Odyne yanked her hands from Gabriel’s. “I didn’t make the best choices, I know that, but that’s no reason for you to act like this,” he said, trying to reason with the goddess. “You abandoned me!” she snarled. “No, I told you what was going to happen, and I didn’t want to be around when it all fell through like it did,” Gabriel explained. “I told you the truth and you didn’t believe me, that’s not my fault.” Odyne seemed to calm down. Her shoulders slumped. “I feel bad that you went through all that, but you have no one to blame but yourself,” Gabriel continued, inching over towards Sam.

The hunter watched, confused, when Gabriel stopped, glancing at the stake on the floor. Sam nodded. Gabriel continued talking. “You had friends and family who loved you, but you pushed them all away, went chasing after some dick who didn’t give you a second glance.” He grabbed the stake and turned around, hiding it behind his back as he approached the goddess. “In the end, it destroyed you. And I’m sorry it has to be this way, but you have to be stopped.” Odyne stood still as Gabriel drew the stake from behind his back. He was ready to strike when Odyne pinned him to the opposite wall.

“You’re not powerful enough to trick me, you didn’t think I noticed?” Odyne asked as Gabriel strained. He still had hold of the stake. Odyne raised a hand and the stake burst into flames. The goddess drew closer, the force pinning Gabriel became more oppressive. He looked at Odyne. “You know better than this. You had no reason to damage Castiel’s wings…” Gabriel said before the goddess got closer and he struggled to breathe. “You were my best friend,” Odyne hissed. “And you were aligned with Heaven the whole time, acting like you didn’t know anything about the new religion stirring in the underground.” She drew closer so she could look Gabriel in the eye. “I always knew angels as cold, unfeeling sons of bitches,” she said. “So when I found out you and your brother were close by, in love with two humans as well, I knew I couldn’t pass up the chance of tormenting you, making you feel for the first time in thousands of years.” Gabriel shook his head, unable to speak, taking deep breaths.

He mouthed “Please”. “No!” Odyne snarled. “You are going to watch as I make your human scream, it’s only fair, he is the only one that hasn’t yet.” Odyne turned to Sam. Gabriel struggled, and then gasped out as the goddess walked across the room, “Don’t!” Odyne said nothing and walked closer to Sam.
not putting a warning on this, unless Sam thinking kinky things about Gabe needs a warning?


I had fun writing the guest appearance in this chapter, I had actually gotten stuck and wondered how the boys were going to get out, and well, here you go
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