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Sam’s eyes widened. “You do? Who is she?” Gabriel smirked. “Her name is Odyne, the Greek goddess of pain. You don’t have much information on her, but I knew her for a while.” Sam scoffed. “Of course you did,” he said, knowing that was the wrong thing to say, but it hurt every time one of Gabe’s exes were brought up, in conversation or otherwise. Gabriel’s face fell. “Don’t be like that Sam; it wasn’t in that kind of way.” “It wasn’t, then how was it? How did you know her?” Sam tried to keep the anger out of his voice.

“We were friends, until she started hanging around with Hades. I told her it wasn’t going to end well, and it didn’t.  The pain she causes is to justify her pain, the pain of dating Hades, of her life, the curse of her family, all of it. She isn’t happy unless she’s using someone to forget her own suffering,” Gabriel explained. “So that’s why she’s tormenting us?” Sam asked, pulling against his bindings. “Just so she can drown out her own feelings?” “It’s the truth, the sad, pitiful truth,” Gabriel said, casting a gaze in the direction the goddess had gone. “I think death would be the best thing for her, she wouldn’t suffer anymore.”

Sam nodded. “She must be very lonely.” “Oh, I don’t think you realize how deep that goes Sam, everyone she’s known is gone, and then to have me show up again, just brings back terrible memories,” Gabriel went on, not catching the look on the younger Winchester’s face. Sam’s face hardened. “I think I can relate.” Gabriel turned to look at him. “Only a little.” “Only a little? Both my parents are dead, Dean went to Hell, I nearly lost you, I started the apocalypse, and you say I can only relate a little?” Sam was angry, but also hurt. “I guess you don’t know me very well then Gabe if you’ve forgotten about that.” “No, but I’ve moved over it, that’s in the past, I think it’s time for you to move on too Sammy,” Gabriel told him. “Dwelling on your old wounds won’t make them heal, I would know, I ran away from my brother’s fighting and kicked myself for it ever since, trying to drown it out in anything I could.” Gabriel gave a sad smile. “We’re a match made in Heaven aren’t we?” He snorted.

Sam licked his lips and said softly, “You’re right Gabe, and I’m sorry…It’s just…” Sam looked up to lock gazes with the arch angel. “What we’ve gone through, it’s not something I can easily forget, and after what’s happened these past three days, it scares me to think that this could be possible.” Gabriel was confused. “What could be possible?” “This,” Sam said, nodding, indicating their state. “That someone could take you from me, and I’d be too weak to stop them. I don’t know what I’d do if this was more than mental pain…” Sam’s voice trailed off as Gabriel looked away. “What? What is it?”

Gabriel glanced back at Sam. “You know that I told you she was getting started, right? Mental pain is where she starts, then she moves up to physical and mental pain, then if you’re still holding on, it’s more psychological and everything else wrapped into one final kick in the balls,” the arch angel explained. Sam looked a mixture of scared and disgusted. “And she won’t stop till we all break,” Gabe told him, the maliciousness of the situation hanging on to his final word. “Well then I guess it’ll be a good thing when we stab her in the heart with a wooden stake, won’t it?” Sam asked. “I’ll bless the damned thing if that’s what it takes,” Gabriel said with a chuckle. Sam forced a small smile onto his lips.

It was great that they had a plan, but how were they going to get out and stab Odyne? What if they stabbed her when she was with a victim, like Dean or Cas, and her sudden departure hurt them? They had a game plan, but the whistle was about to blow, and they were all fumbling for the ball. This was going to be a disaster.
no warning, even though Gabe says balls, you're all mature enough for that, right?
well no one here had told me if they like this or not *pouts* if you want to be nice and review this on fanfic, I'm SlasherFiend14 please tell me something! :)

ch. 6:…
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