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[Funshot] 2017 Headlines


Days of Yore: Funshots #1

Title: 2017 Headlines

Preview Link: [PREVIEW] 2017 Headlines
YouTube Icon Youtube link:… (in case you're having trouble loading this flash SWF deviantART entry)

This is the result of following Sir Jared Hundley's tutorial >>…
*Dubbed by yours truly (I apologize if my Nihonggo is not on point. ^^; I am not a native speaker of the language but I did my best in dubbing. Translation was done on Google Translate.)

BGM at the start: Haunted by Ross Bugden… 

SFX from
Whoop II…
Piano Moods…
Comic Eye blink…
Question Mark…
Cinematic moments, dreamy…
Private Eye…
Comedic Boing…

P.S. The last headline is an actual joke I came across some site about jokes before.
And those other headlines? They are actual headlines from the first week of April, 2017. I just removed the identifying countries/names there.

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TheTigerMaster's avatar
Wow this is pretty awesome! I like the animation a lot!
Besides the stiffness, it is nice. All it needs is more flow.

Got behind on comment for comments cause of school >_>""
ReGaSLZR's avatar
Thanks for checking this out! Excluding Batsy, this is actually my first time making an animation that I myself voice acted. XD
I hope the ending made you laugh. :squee:
seralune's avatar
This is so cool :la:
ReGaSLZR's avatar
Myaaaah! Thanks! And I hope you had a laugh at the end too. :la:
Astral-Chan's avatar
Awwww!! YES! I remember this~! ;) It's awesome Ren-chaaaan, so funnyyyyy, such smooth animation and I really think you can become a professional voice actress if you wanted to! have to take me with you to Japan, I am your manager/moral support!! Kao Emoji-04 (Cute) [V1] 
ReGaSLZR's avatar
Yeeeee~ ;)
Thank you so much for the compliment again, sis! :squee: 
Eehhhhhh, there are others that are more pro in Jap dubbing, I'm just a wannabe.. :lmao:
But if I ever get to travel there when I get rich, I'll invite you!!! XD
Inspector-Spinda's avatar
WOW you've really upgraded yourself in terms of the content you produce. This is was a laugh I was super surprised you got it voice acted so well. It gave me a chuckle :D
ReGaSLZR's avatar
Uwaaaah, thank you so very much! :heart:
I'm very glad to hear you enjoyed it. ^_^
Agawaer's avatar
Love it!!! XD The music in particular!
ReGaSLZR's avatar
Thank you! has got a lot of free, great SFX and BGMs :nod:
DaiseyMae's avatar
That is really good! You did very good with the voice acting as well! I love this! :3
ReGaSLZR's avatar
My! Thank you so much, DaiseyMae! :hug:
DaiseyMae's avatar
Your very welcome! :) 
MiniDragonfly's avatar
Well, this is a cute animation.  Interesting that her red hair spikes wiggle when finding something.  
Are you serious though; a lady robbing a bank nude and getting away because everyone was looking at everything but the face?... :XD:

Crummy that most of the news is pretty depressing. :/
ReGaSLZR's avatar
:iconblushplz: That's Artemis' hair design for ya. ;P
Lol, that's quite the strategy, don't you think? :lmao:

Let's hope we get some more exciting, happy news. There's really been too much negativity on TV lately.
Zyreno's avatar
Another really well made animation! I really love how you made these animations. Also these news xD It's kinda true though, we rarely get any "Good" news anymore :(
ReGaSLZR's avatar
True :( We get so many depressing news lately that this inspired me to troll some headlines.
Thank you very much for enjoying this! :hug:
Zyreno's avatar
Yeah its really sad though. I only watch the news for the politics because right now politics is just one giant shitshow :P
And no problem, it was really enjoyable >w<d
Billiski's avatar
Another awesome job, I like how well you've synced the mouth up. Very well done!
ReGaSLZR's avatar
Thank you so much! Sir Jared Hundley made a great tutorial for the lip synching part. :)
z0mbiekid's avatar
lol this was funny and the animation is really nice, very smooth and detailed. nice one!
ReGaSLZR's avatar
Thank you very much! I'm glad to hear you enjoyed my first animated, dubbed skit. ^_^
Have a pleasant day/evening! :wave:
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