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Subject Guidelines

⋗ I can draw any species, including humans.
⋗ Any large pets or plushies included will cost a little extra.
⋗ Complex fantasy creatures will cost extra.
⋗ If you don't provide clothing information, it'll be SFW nude by default.

Service Guidelines

⋗ You only have to pay for the drawing AFTER you've approved the sketch.
⋗ No refunds after you approve the sketch.
⋗ Drawings are usually pretty quick to be finished, but at times it can take a couple months if i'm busy.
⋗ Please be vocal about what you want so I can please you the first time, feel free to tell me what to change in the sketch until you're absolutely happy with it!
⋗ I only take PayPal USD.
Once you have the art: You may edit it as you please and use wherever you'd like, no need to ask permission to sell my art with the character just make sure to credit.

Prices by Regalities
Shaded: $20USD
Flat: $15USD

Shaded: $15USD
Flat: $12USD

Shaded: $10USD
Flat: $8USD
+ simple animation: $4USD

Progress by Regalities
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