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23rd of July 2015
Hello diary.
Today is a big day for me. I've managed to convince the board of directors, that the old CEO can no longer be tolerated. That wasn't too difficult, actually. The company is in complete disarray, our numbers are dropping every day, yet still he believes that we are on the right course. Well, what to expect of a senile old man, who long overstayed his due.

Just you wait world, I'll show you what Adam Levicky can do.

28th of August 2015
Today, I've been officially announced as the new CEO after they got finally got rid of the old one. One shouldn't believe how hard it can be to get rid of such an old man. They had to carry him out of his office and he yelled quite a lot of choice words. Starting the first, that'll be my office, so I hope he didn't break anything.

31st of August 2015
Ugh...what a day. I don't think I managed to go even just 10 meters without getting either congratulated by an employee or hit on by some girl. I mean, it was bad before, but now it's just nuts. Ah well, it'll settle down soon enough once I'm actually in office.

15th of September 2015
What a strange day that was, dear diary. I was just rummaging through the stuff the old CEO left behind when I came across this ancient looking book with strange characters. However nobody I asked about it seemed to know anything. And, as if that wasn't enough already, when I left work, I ran into Ada from Marketing. I was under the impression that she didn't like me, but today she was extraordinarily was kinda creepy really. The strangest thing however was yet to come.
After telling her goodbye, I went home...and ran into her again, this time with her puppy Robert at her side. And the best? When she noticed me, she quickly looked away and dragged Robert after her in the opposite direction.
From what I know, she's keeping quite a strict regiment in her department, but I never knew that she was this moody.

22nd of September 2015
I've just received news, that our old CEO suffered a lethal heart attack. Apparently he was found dead in his villa in the early morning hours. Great...the employees loved the old man. I sure hope these news doesn't affect productivity all that much.

2nd of October 2015
What a week, dear diary...despite all my efforts to get this company back on course, our numbers have been plummeting non-stop and the board of directors has already expressed concern that I might not be up to the task after all.
What's more, I've been having the strangest dreams. I sat in a dark room with a voice demanding their release from me. It promised me to grant me any wish if I did that, but that's usually the spot where I wake up.

30th of October 2015
I'm at my wits end, dear diary. No matter what I do, no matter what I try, it all backfires. The company is on the brink of bankruptcy and the board of directors is speaking openly about getting rid of me. I need to do something...and fast.

24th of December 2015
It's Christmas Eve today...yet there won't be any presents. Not for me, not for my employees, for nobody. After the last months have been nothing but losses, I had to cut down on salaries and of course there aren't any Christmas bonuses to pay today. It really is a dark day...what happened to all my ambitions? Honestly, it's like I've been cursed.

1st of January 2016
Wow, dear diary. Just wow. The new year's off to a great start already. Remember how I told you about that girl, Ada? I managed to pick her up at a bar yesterday...and what a night that was. It was like she was possessed or something. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining or anything, it's just...she was nothing like the Ada I know. But then again, I've never seen her drunk before, so apparently she has a wild side to her after all. One certainly wouldn't know just by looking at her.

2nd of January 2016
Ada came visiting again today, teasing me right from the get go. She certainly knows how to play her cards right, unlike the others, who, surprise, suddenly could care less about me, now that I was on the ground. Honestly, if she asked me to roll over and beg, I don't know if I'd be able to refuse her. But that's not the strangest thing...before we went to have some fun, she told me of a rather obscure business plan, which just might save the company. Or so she claimed.
I've got the papers right here next to me and looking over them, I see no harm in them. I may just try them.

1st of February 2016
Ada's business plan really worked! For the first time in months, we're actually in the black again and there's no sign of it letting off either. If this keeps up, we'll be back where we started in a matter of months and from there, the stars may finally within my reach. Ada's been acting like she doesn't care about me at work, but I see how it is. She acts professional, so people don't get the idea, that she's getting any sort of special treatment because we're kinda together. Why she keeps making eyes at Robert is beyond me though, however I guess that it's just her way to cope. At night she most certainly is my girl though.

29th of February 2016
She asked me a rather curious favor today while we were lying in bed. Apparently she has taken interest in the arcane and has started collecting artifacts from a specific period. I've done a little research and supposedly the great demon Asmodeus was defeated in that period. What's more, during my research a few of the symbols from the strange book I found way back when I started showed up again. I wonder if Ada would be happy if I gave her the book. I think I'll give it to her. After all, I don't have any use for it.

1st of March 2016
I gave the book to Ada today. She looked at me a little puzzled, but I told her with my best smile that it was fine. If I hadn't known better, I would've thought that she had no idea why I was giving it to her. Acting professional is all fine and stuff, but at least a little smile would've been nice.

30th of March 2016
Ever since I gave Ada that book, she hasn't come to visit me again. Was it something I said? Something I did? I thought we had something special, but she just won't show me the same smile again. Of course it's possible that she was just playing me, but what could she hope to gain from dumping me now? She must know, that I can make her life hell, right?

20th of April 2016
Today, I managed to secure two of the exorcist blades, which supposedly played a key role in the defeat of Asmodeus. If I can't win Ada over with these, I don't know what else I'm supposed to do.

22nd of September 2016, Adam is badly hurt and blood is dripping from a big wound on his forehead
"The seal is finally undone!" a demonic shadow standing just beyond a gate of light exclaimed, its voice reverberating through every cell in Adam's body.
Adam stood up, using the table next to him as support, the ancient book he had read from when the portal opened still open and asked, "What...what is going on here?"
The demon chuckled, "Poor fool...deluded by a fake beauty into doing my bidding."

Adam looked over to Ada, who had talked him into amassing the artifacts and finally the book he had been told to study, because a fascinating passage.
However no longer was it Ada who stood there, but much rather another demonic creature, whose mere sight was enough to make grown men feel faint.

Yet Adam managed to pull himself together and raced over to the book, hoping to stop what he had started, when the demon raised his voice, "I would reconsider that!"
"Make me!" Adam spouted, trying feverishly to make out the signs before the demon's servant decided to make him eat his words.

However the servant didn't move.
Instead the demon behind the gate said, "You are but a mere mortal now, Adam Levicky. However you have ambitions. Ambitions, which well reach beyond the little company of the old fool. Try to reseal me and my servant will take your life. However if you release me, not only will you live, but all you wish for will become true."

" wanna strike a deal? Okay...okay, let's talk business," Adam stuttered, still scanning over the signs, but well aware that he would be dead before even speaking one syllable to the effect of sending the demons back to from whence they came.
The demon behind the gate laughed, "Very well...let's talk business. Once I am free, my servants will roam the world freely and you yourself will be my vessel in this brave new world until I have gathered enough energy to be reborn as your son. Once that day comes, you shall be King to the world and all that thrives within it. You shall be immortal and my power shall be yours until the end of all of eternity."
"...and what about you? You're just going to relinquish the world to me?"
"Yes, that I will. The world is just a small place, little human...I have my eyes set on a far greater prize."
" will not kill me?"
"Not unless you try to cross me. You are free to roam and draw from my powers any way you want."
"...and what of your...'mother'?"
"Anyone you want. She too shall receive my blessings. I believe you will find someone aptly suited for this task with this in mind."
"And you will not kill us or destroy everything once you're born? There's no point in ruling over a pile of rubble, you know?"

The demon remained silent for a few seconds and finally replied, "There will be blood. A lot of blood. I require the energy of terror and agony to be reborn into your world. However there will be far more enough left to rule over once the time has come. we have a deal?"
Adam closed his eyes while the seconds ticked away ever so slowly and when he finally opened them again, he said, "Yes, we do have a deal."
"Excellent. Call my name, Adam Levicky and the pact is sealed."
Adam remained silent for a few more seconds, before he said, "No...please do not call me Adam any more. From now on, my name shall be 'Faust'. Is that okay?"
"Yes, of course."
"Then come on out...Asmodeus!"

Asmodeus chuckled as the earth began quaking, "We shall have a lot of fun together...Faust."

The earthquake shook the foundations of the house they were standing in as the portal opened fully, allowing Asmodeus passage into the world.

When Faust awoke again, he laid in the ruins of his former home, while the first demons slowly broke free of their earthen prisons, beginning to prey on the unsuspecting world.
Faust checked that he was still alive as the first screams of terror echoed through the night and as he felt the immense power coursing through his body, he couldn't help but smile and think, 'Yes...yes, this is going to be all kinds of fun...'
A little fanfiction to the really promising and entertaining webcomic 'Replay', located at

It describes my take on how the world came to an end, how the blades and also the magic book came into the possession of Ada and Robert.

I hope you'll enjoy this little fanfiction (that includes of course NotImportant, who is the writer/artist of Replay) and don't stone me for it being terrible :XD:

As usual, comments are very welcome. Seriously, tell me what you think. :D

A few numbers btw: 1975 words with a total of 10662 characters, meaning this is very short for a short story. :)

Thank you very much for reading.

The preview picture was taken from :iconnimportant:'s gallery. You can find the original here.
Thank you again for such excellent work. :)
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I was grinning in front of my screen like a crazy person. If you wanted to make someone happy with this - you have succeeded :D Excellent! 
Refugnic's avatar
And there I was wondering why I wasn't able to find you here on dA. :D

I tried searching for 'Replay', 'Ada', 'Ada and Robert', but you never came up, which left me doubting if you were on dA to begin with.
But I'm really glad to have been mistaken.

And of course that you liked it.

And yes, entertaining people/making them happy was the point of this little story. It always is.

So yeah...mission accomplished. Good job, Faust. :P

On a side note, I left you a little present in your inbox. Nothing extraordinary, but it's my way of saying 'Pleased to meet you (again)'. ;)

Ah yes, a short while after I hit submit, I had an idea for a preview picture for this story...I'm never going to draw it (or do it justice), but I'll share my idea with you nonetheless.

As I'm sure you've noticed, almost the entire story is about Adam writing into his diary.
Well, the image I had in mind was him sitting on his chair, writing leisurely and peacefully into his diary, while Ada is hanging over his shoulder. In my mind, there was a mirror at the wall, which reflected the scene...except that it wasn't Ada hanging over Adam's shoulder...ah well, not gonna happen, but a guy can dream, am I right? :D

Again, thank you very much for reading, commenting and of course the favorite. :)
(I'll shut up now :XD:)
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I am thinking about the cover/illustration since I promised to make it but you need to be patient! It will probably take a long while before I can even start working on it! 

"On a side note, I left you a little present in your inbox. Nothing extraordinary, but it's my way of saying 'Pleased to meet you (again)'." - I got nothing, maybe it went to someone else...?

Thanks again :D
Refugnic's avatar
How strange, I don't remember you 'promising' anything. I recall you saying, 'I would make a fanart/fanfic section where you could post a short introduction too, damn if I like it enough I will even make illustration for your story.' though. That's not a promise, but much rather a prospect. Big difference. ;)

Patience is not exactly my strongest trait. I'm much stronger in the perseverance section. Meaning I won't hold my breath and just keep carrying on with my business and be happy as I can be the day you're done. :)

So yeah, please do take your time. After all, good art takes time, visual art even more so. (I think the raw working time for the fanfic was about 2-3 hours, so please do go overboard too much :XD:) I shall be curious. :)

Oh, I think you got it. I think the last fav I dropped was around the 5th of July to a literature piece and the last artwork I favorited was from the 23rd of April. I've given a total of 120 favorites to date. 120 favorites in 4 years. Some people give 120+ a week. So yeah...I'm a wee bit picky. ;)

You're welcome. Again. :P