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RotP 100 - Epilogue
As the light fades, there is only darkness.
Darkness and silence.
No humming. No voices.
But it doesn't feel uncomfortable.
On the contrary, it feels warm and soft.
I hear a car passing by.
A siren in the distance.
Where in the world am I?!
I open my eyes and look up at a sight I had almost forgotten.
It actually takes me a moment to remember this sight.
I'm looking at the ceiling of my home.
Not my room in Sanctuary. Not the penthouse at the PIM.
Not the cell at the Sentinels.
I sit up, making sure that I am not mistaking things, but sure enough, this is the flat I had before the world went to hell.
I feel something rustle next to me and find a small boy tossing in his sleep right next to me, no 3 years old.
A little further in the direction, Saph is lying.
She's...bigger than I remember her.
Not as well trained too.
The dim light from the streetlamps outside makes it hard to see, but her expression is soft and peaceful, completely different from the Saph I remember.
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RotP 99 - Asmos' endgame
As we walk down the corridor towards the ominous light, I sigh, "'s too late to come up with an alternative plan, right?"
"...not necessarily. What's on your mind?" Saph asks.
"...well, we could just...ask the Sentinels to let us go?"
The group stops and Saph asks, "And just what makes you think they would let us do that?"
"Well, I was thinking...we bargain with them. Let us go or we end the world."
Saph scratches her head and finally sighs, "Bluffing our way out, huh? And there I thought you had one of your strokes of brilliance...ah well, guess you can't win them all."
"Why, what's wrong with the idea?"
"First off: It wouldn't work. Like at all," Arthur proclaims.
"Okay...enlighten me. Why wouldn't it work?"
Arthur pinches the bridge of his nose and mutters, "Oh bloody hell..."
"Listen Ref, a trade only works if you have something to bargain with. And the instant we leave this room, we loose our bargaining chip, which is access to the seal. They can put bullets to our heads w
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RotP 98 - No way back
My head hurts.
Yet, at the same time, there's this feeling of numbness, much like my feet falling asleep, only that it's in my head feeling numb, not my feet.
Kinda messed up feeling.
...kinda messed up life, now that I think about it.
No, completely messed up life.
What did even happen?
I remember having a funky dream, but what was it about?
What did I do in this dream?
Where am I anyway?
Back home?
At the PIM headquarters?
In the cell at the Sentinel base?
Am I alive or dead?
Browsing through my memories isn't helping...I simply can't tell what's real and what was a dream any more. That they are a fuzzy mess isn't helping either.
I should probably open my eyes and see where I am...but I don't want to.
I just...just want this all to end.
The terror. The agony. The pain.
The very futility of my struggles.
What did all the fighting I did ever do?
What did ever change?
Didn't it only ever get worse?
I should have died a hundred times, yet I kept hanging on to life.
Why though? What did I
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RotP 97 - Going over the top
We keep running, evading the death traps and soldier caches the best we can, fighting our way through in those cases where we can't.
After what feels like forever, I huff, "A-are we sure that the exit is this way? Cause it sure feels like we keep going deeper!"
"That's just your imagination, Mr. Eternium," Silvia replies with a matter of fact voice.
"She's right, we've all seen the maps. This is the way to the exit!" Siren adds.
I lean against one of the walls, huffing and puffing, afraid that my pounding heart will decide to take the nearest exit if I take just one more step.
Siren yells at me, "Get your act together, you fool! We need to keep moving!"
"Did...I already...mention...that I never was...a health my previous life?"
"I...think he might be suffering from fatigue," Silvia says, looking into my pale face.
I want to throw a 'No shit, Sherlock' at her, but I can't seem to get my mouth to open.
"Not surprising...he's been throwing his all and then some against the enemie
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RotP 96 - The corridor
After recovering a little and going over the maps of the place, we plot our escape route down the various corridors.
We are all aware that we will have to deal with hell the instant those doors open, but we will also have to deal with hell or maybe even worse, if we allow our enemies to regroup and come at us in full force again.
Siren takes notes of the map, carefully making notes of the little fragments I still remember from the simulations they put me through.
Unfortunately the memories seem to fade quickly, as if you just woke from a dream.
You do know that you have dreamed about something, but you can't remember it for the life of you, even though it was so very present just minutes ago.
The human brain really sucks in recording the important stuff efficiently.
After we're sufficiently sure that we have done everything we can to prepare ourselves, I look around and say, "Alright guys...this is it. Let's be realistic, we probably won't make it out of here. But if I don't and one of
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RotP 95 - Fighting the flood
Endless seconds, nothing happens.
A hundred scenarios run through my head as I try to figure out what to do, now that my primary plan of getting Doc to help was apparently a failure.
"Dude!" the large guy yells, snapping me back to the terrible reality of gunfire zipping past me left and right, the researcher cowering in absolute terror next to me and the people I had just broken out slowly getting wrangled down by the ever intensifying forces of the Sentinels.
The word 'Gates!' runs through my head, I go back two levels and order all gates around our position to close in a desperate attempt to even just slow down the influx of people, but the attempt is yet another dud, because only seconds after the system reports the gates closing, it reports them opening again.
Someone else is at a console somewhere else and is undoing what I am doing.
And if he's anything like the researcher that had given me access in the first place, I'm clearly outmatched in both speed and knowledge.
Another th
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RotP 94 - Grim cycle
The minutes turn to hours as I lay there, but nothing happens.
The door doesn't open, no poisonous gas floods the room, the maw of hell doesn't open up to swallow me whole.
Not like I actually expected any of that to happen, but when you've got so much time to spend, your fantasy tends to wander off into the far away distance.
I go over my escape plans once more, but no matter how I twist and turn it, my situation is less than optimal.
I don't know where exactly I am, I don't know the layout of the compound, I don't know the enemy numbers or the devices they have at their disposal.
Sure, if this was an RPG, I'd rely on my plot armor, but alas, life gives no plot armor to those stupid enough to get themselves captured...or much rather, whatever plot armor I may have been given for this story must have been broken like a hundred times, considering how damn lucky I've been in the recent past.
I close my eyes again.
Sure, my psionics are back and I could attempt to breach the door, but eve
:iconrefugnic:Refugnic 0 6
RotP 93 - Off the hook
After she has been gone for a while, a thought strikes me.
I clearly felt the presence of a Psionian earlier.
Which must mean two things.
One, I'm not in a null zone, otherwise I couldn't have felt that Psionian, because they would have been blocked all the same.
Second, whatever they did to block my Psionics must be wearing off, otherwise my 'psionic sense' should have been blocked as well.
I close my eyes and try to bring up the ring menu, but while I do manage to summon the image, the tingling feeling that I've come to get used to doesn't appear.
I let out a long sigh and mutter, "Guess I need to wait a little longer for it to wear off completely..."
I try to sleep, but this turns out to be quite more difficult, when you're chained to a wall on your arms, your weight pulling constantly at your joints, making it feel like they'll rip off at any given second.
Guess now I know what Jesus must have felt like when they nailed him to the least they had the decency to use clamps
:iconrefugnic:Refugnic 0 4
RotP 92 - Interrogation gone wrong
I don't know how much time passed.
I just know that my head hurts.
And my arms.
And my legs.
Basically I'm hurting all over.
Whatever that thing shot me with sure got me good...I feel like I fell of a roof or something.
I open my eyes to check where I ended up find myself, oh what a surprise, shackled to a wall in a prison cell.
I've been here a hundred times in my stories before, but unfortunately for me, there is neither an attractive lady, apt at lock picking nor any other sort of trope cooped up with me to aid my escape.
Though escaping is probably a dumb idea to begin with, the instant I step outside that heavy metal door just there, I'm probably toast anyway.
I look around the small room.
Rubber walls, which look like they've seen quite a few beatings in their time.
A heavy door, looking strong enough to keep a rhino in here...if the room had been big enough to house a rhino, that is.
I close my eyes again, trying to remember what exactly happened before I went out.
After a few s
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RotP 91 - Specter
A few weeks pass and we actually find it surprisingly easy to get by in Sentinel territory.
The area where we came down is rather rural and the people here want nothing to do with the big politics in the capital or their war against the Psionians.
They just want to continue living their peaceful lives, take care of their farms and animals and as long as nobody interferes with that, they don't care much about who comes and goes.
Sure, quite a few of them gave Miranda a bit of a hard time, but after realizing that she's actually harmless, most let off her.
And those who didn't had to answer to Arthur's fists.
But after a while, we still arrange a large coat for her to hide her ears and tail in.
Why, in the time we were traveling I have sensed quite a number of Psionians passing us by, but none of them gave us any grief.
They greeted their neighbors like it was the most natural thing in the world and every now and then I find myself thinking, 'Hey, this is nice. We should settle here. Jus
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RotP 90 - The council
"Gentlemen, you are the General's most trusted adjutants," I say to the small collection of men I have gathered in a soundproof and windowless room, deep beneath the ground in Asmos city.
The only source of light is a halogen bar hanging over our heads, which paints the already pale faces of my subordinates in a surreal light.
Thus far, I've only had them assembled once and that wasn't a very pleasant occasion either.
It was the day, I ordered the purge, one of the greatest massacres in the history of mankind.
"Ms. Georgei..." Rufus, the leader of my research and development division rises and addresses me.
"Yes, Dr. Markström, I am aware of the implications of this meeting, however rest assured, the general did not send me to notify you of a repeat of the last time we met."
A sigh of relief goes through the small round.
"However the nature of this meeting is no less grave."
The council draws in a sharp breath, as they wait for me to continue speaking.
"We have been betrayed, Gent
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RotP 89 - The lost child
"...could you repeat that? I seem to have misheard you. Would you believe it, I heard you say, that we suddenly lost contact with the expedition." I ask, my eyes fixated on the man in front of me, much like a rattlesnake would fixate its prey before striking.
Of course I know that I haven't misheard him.
And I do not think it a miserable joke of some sort either.
"I'm afraid not, Ma'am. The Shadow suddenly went silent and lost altitude shortly after. We lost track of it as clouds passed through the area."
"I see. And what of the crew?"
"We don't know, Ma'am. shall we proceed?"
"I will have to inform the general about this. He will have orders for you soon. Dismissed."
"Yes, Ma'am," the man salutes and hurries to get away.
I sigh, when someone else suddenly knocks at my door.
"Come in," I answer, and my chief of intelligence comes in, apparently flustered.
"Ma'am, I must speak to the general. At once. It is important."
I pinch the bridge of my nose.
Leading a double life is ta
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RotP 88 - Rough landing
A few more hours of uneasy flying, Lianne announces, that we are approaching the target zone and would be arriving in ten more minutes.
A relieved sigh goes through the crew, as the tension of yet another attack lifts ever so slightly.
However it comes straight back, as we realize getting here was in fact the easy part of the mission.
The hard part comes after landing.
I try to put up a brave front as Saph proceeds to go over the plan with us once more.
However just as she wants to talk about the individual roles, the plane starts rocking dangerously just before tilting so much, that Saph, who was standing in the middle aisle, almost loses her balance and needs to hold on to one of the seats to avoid falling.
After the plane stabilizes again, Arthur gets up and says, "I'm going to go check on our pilot. You keep going with the plan and -"
Arthur's sentence gets interrupted as Lianne storms into the passenger cabin and shouts, "Grab your parachutes!"
"Have we been shot?!" Arthur asks sh
:iconrefugnic:Refugnic 0 6
RotP 87 - Their guardian angel
Another few hours, a few bandages and a lecture from Saph later, we finally arrive in Sentinel airspace, as Lianne kindly informs us of, while asking us to fasten our seat belts, just in case she should need to actually put her piloting skills to the test.
While the plane quietly glides through the moonless night, I ask, "Hey, Sedna, you awake?"
"Like I could sleep at a time like this..."
"I don't think I ever said it, but...good job with the kerosene back at the airbase."
Sedna replies after a short pause, "...thanks...say, can I ask you something?"
"Sure, what is it?"
"Why are you on this plane? What beef do you have with the Sentinels?"
I blink twice, as I realize that this is actually a damn good question.
I know that Arthur was ordered to tag along, that Saph and myself are trying to rescue Doc and that Miranda is worried about Arthur, but what about the others?
Why did they come?
What could possibly make them volunteer for this suicide mission?
"Mr. Eternium? I-I'm sorry, I shoul
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RotP 86 - Actions and consequences
Arthur makes it clear very quickly, that he doesn't intend to go easy on me just because I'm on his team now.
His punches and kicks are fast, strong and merciless and I am hard pressed to just defend myself, while he keeps throwing himself at me.
At least he respects the agreement and puts no lightning into his punches, even though I swear every now and then he stops himself from doing it.
I keep defending, blocking blow after blow and only minutes later, my entire body is aching from the barrage after Arthur does manage to strike a blow that leaves me reeling.
He pants a little and scoffs, "Is that all you've got, writer boy?"
I raise my left hand while holding my stomach with my right hand and cough, "Nice one. Really nice. But...but I'm not quite done yet."
Arthur wipes away some snot from his nose, shakes his head and replies, "You know what I hate most about you? You just don't know when to quit. You keep going no matter what, even if you know you're outmatched. Do you have any id
:iconrefugnic:Refugnic 0 6
RotP 85 - Pep talk
Saph does a quick sweep over the surrounding area by teleporting and taking photos with her mobile in rapid succession.
Once she's done, she explains that she had located the hangars however from the looks of it they are locked and there are no windows inside.
As such, it is impossible for her to teleport inside.
"Can you get us to these hangars?" I ask, while Sedna just shakes her head.
I assume she's not feeling comfortable with the situation, but truth be told, I am kinda thankful, that Artie is giving us this chance to actually test our teamwork before things get hot.
Right now, we'd only get an earful for failing.
Later, we'll get a bullet straight between the eyes.
Saph grabs the hands of the two of us and mutters, "I sure hope you've got a plan."
"Hit and run, actually. We go there, break in, siphon the kerosene and return to the plane before our 'enemies' get a chance to react. In fact, I'd like you to run a little diversion while Sedna and myself take care of the transfer. Can
:iconrefugnic:Refugnic 0 0

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The Sparrow Calls Ch. 2
A/N: I don't own the Teen Titans!
I hope everyone will enjoy this chapter as much as the last one! Please review! And please don't hesitate to leave me any critiques!
Also, a huge thanks to my latest betas who have joined on board my crazy writing adventure, Empress Caroline and Sweetnevermore.
In addition, a quick little word of warning: the only reason I went ahead and posted this chapter, is because several readers asked me to post up a longer chapter so they could dive into the story a bit more and get familiar with it so to speak, and try to see if they like it and stuff. And there are those who have already lost all sense of sanity and are going ballistic over an update XD LOL :p Hence I went ahead and uploaded this, practically as is, but there WILL be changes/updates made to this and previous chapters. However, these changes will only be changes to GRAMMAR and the like. Nothing more, nothing less. ^^
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The Sparrow Calls
A/N: I don't own the Teen Titans! I hope everyone enjoys the fic! This is going to be a huge project I'm going to be tackling for the next couple of months, and I'm going to need all the help I can get! Please leave me a few reviews, and let me know what you think! I want to get to know all of the great and sweet readers on. I'm very excited. So excited that I rushed to finish this chapter without giving it much thought. Anyways, talk to you guys next chapter! See ya soon! :D
PS The rating of this story will later on become rated M for lemon scenes, but until then, it will simply be rated K for language. :p
PSS Anyone interested in beta-ing? And perhaps being my new fanfic writing BBFL?
The Sparrow Calls
Chapter 1: Always
"Titans, GO!" Robin exclaimed.
The group of superheroes sped into action, each of them vibrating with pent up energy.
Cyborg started lifting his rod of iron weights, pumping his muscles. Next to him his large monitor recorded the amount of weight he was lifting, his s
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It Wasn't Love At First Sight
I've never believed in love at first sight.
I mean, can you get a crush on someone at first sight?
Yeah, of course.
There's crush at first sight.
Lust at first sight.
But not love at first sight.
And when you and I met,
when you ran up to me,
it wasn't love at first sight.
Or crush at first sight.
Or lust a first sight.
It was "huh-she-might-be-nice" at first sight.
And when you first spoke to me,
saying breathlessly, "Are you in group 2?"
and I said, "Um… yes,"
it wasn't love at first hear.
Or crush at first hear.
Or lust at first hear.
It was "thank-God-someone-friendly-to-hang-out-with" at first hear.
And when you squealed in delight
and hugged me,
it wasn't love at first touch.
Or crush at first touch.
Or lust at first touch.
It was "wow-this-girl-needs-help" at first touch.
But I had a feeling I'd like you anyway.
And I did.
We had so many things in common.
We never ran out of things to talk about.
Or random, weird, and just plain bizarre things to do.
:iconsusieboo22:susieboo22 98 28
Kung Fu Masters by freelancemanga Kung Fu Masters :iconfreelancemanga:freelancemanga 615 81
Broken Words
Broken Words
Darkness.  Darkness surrounds me, envelops me.  Silence.  Silence is the sound I hear from outside.  There is no light.  No sound.  Only the dark.
I blink, trying to focus my eyes.  Where am I?  I turn to look at my clock.  Nothing.  Not even a spark of light.  No sign that it had at one time, been alive.
Stretching, I get out of my bed.  It was the same as always.  Get up, get food, eat, work on my project, and sleep.  It was a never-ending pattern.  I guess that's to be expected though.
As I cross the street, I glance upwards.  There is no sun.  The same as usual.  The sun had not come out in over 2 months.  I don't know why.  I think it has to do with the storm though.  Maybe it was night.  I didn't know.  I don't have a way to tell time
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100 TC - 67 Percent
"I've finally got you cornered, Zim!"
The alien rolled his eyes and snorted. "Come on, Dib. You've said that how many times over the years now? That you 'finally' have me?"
"I mean it this time."
"That's what you've said for the past... how long has it been now? Six years, has it?"
"Yes, but-"
"Face it, Dib-human. You'll never defeat the almighty Zim!"
"But you've failed to take over Earth after all this time too!"
Moments passed. "Lies! You liee! It's all Gir's fault!"
"Face it, you're incompetent."
"How dare you! You are the incompetent one! You and your stupid Earth-boy... ness! You're worth nothing! Everyone hates you!"
Dib blinked and turned away. "Th-that's not true. You only say that because nobody likes you either."
"At least I managed to obtain a friend."
"That was Keef, the creepiest guy in school! Even I stay away from him."
Evil burned in Zim's stare. "You're a foolish, pathetic human. You don't realize how unwanted you are. Your own father doesn't even want you, stupid wor
:iconxxmidnagirlxx:xXMidnaGirlXx 3 26
Digit 3.0 by ChaloDillo Digit 3.0 :iconchalodillo:ChaloDillo 655 59
It still haunts me everywhere. In every possible reflection: the dark grey Pikachu with red glowing eyes, dark red cheeks, stripes and the tip on it's ears. It smiles at me through the reflections, trying to trick me to stay at the reflection and get me inside the freaky Pokémon world again. I don't want to see it anymore, so that's why I'm writing this letter so everyone can read it and watch out for the dark grey Pikachu..
My name is Kevin, and all of this started when I was 15 years old. I had just gotten my Pokémon Platinum version from the store. I was so excited, it seemed just great comparing to Pokémon Diamond. I really loved Giratina and I was excited over seeing his world, the Distortion World. When I had picked the game up from the store, I cycled my way home and opened my pink DS and started playing. I picked Chimchar as my starter and named him Marwin. He was the best starter you could ever get, he was loyal, never hurting himself during confusion and
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Refugnic Eternium
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
I'm just a mediocre (at best) writer and programmer who's trying to make the best of his skills.

Some like me, some don't and some don't care...I believe that's all there is to say about me.
Before you start reading this, I recorded a little something as background music for this journal.

Go ahead. Hit the 'Play' button.
Got it?
Fine, be that way then.

Alright, enough fooling around, time to get down to business...and it's a bit of a sad business.

According to dA, I've been here for 6 years now...almost 7, actually.
In this time, I've written a total of 506 deviations, most of which were long winded stories with long and elaborate chapters.
I have no idea, how many pages I've written, I just know it's been a lot.

In this time, I have gathered:
14k Pageviews
1.4k Points (from contests, comissions, lotteries)
9.3k comments (mostly replies)

I've had happy days, typing away like a madman.
I've had bad days, where every chapter felt like a chore.
But I kept coming back here, hoping to find some reception.

But alas, dA is not a world for writers.
It is a world for people who draw pictures.
It is a world for people who take photos.
If anything literature related, it is a world for one-shots.

To even just get noticed is next to impossible, unless you employ cheap tactics like 'Fav and run' or by using bots.
I have never stooped that low.
I wanted to believe that by producing the best quality I can, people would tell others about me.
That I would make it because I make good stuff.

In the past years, I have come to realize that this is not the case.
All those I had gathered around me in the past have long since disappeared.

I had hoped that the fun and enthusiasm of the past would come back to life once more while working on my last project, which ended today.

Alas, it did not.
The story ended.
And with it, my time as a writer on deviantArt.
After all, if it's not fun, why should we do it. Not like we get paid for it. :)

And thus I direct my efforts somewhere else, down another venue.
Hoping that I will be able to refine my art better there than here.
If you enjoyed my stories, please come find me at Wattpad or Tapas, where I'll try my mettle next.

Mind you, this doesn't mean I won't be coming around any more at all, however I will no longer post any longer stories here.
Maybe a one-shot every now and then if I feel like it.
After all, dA isn't meant for connected stories.
Or maybe I just was never good enough.

Not like anyone ever bothered to tell me since back in 2012.

So yeah, before I sign out at long last, I would like to thank a few people.
AprilDawson for her collaboration at Tisis, even though I had to drag her deadbeat horse to the finish line all by myself.
xxEmi-AnGeL-chanxx for her cheerful nature and thoughtful and fun suggestions while writing the Demilympics.
ISAPU for their continued support while writing RotP. Without them, I actually might have given up the story mid-way.
L-Storyteller for comissioning me to produce one my most successful one-shots at all time.
The crew of theWrittenRevolution for tirelessly trying to make this place more suitable for writers.

And basically everyone else who has accompanied me on my way here.
I want to believe that I am a better writer now than I used to be thanks to all of you.

Thank you.
And farewell.


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MrCorbi Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2017  Hobbyist
Hello fellow Wingless reader and theoretician! ;^) So, tell me, what do you recommend me among your works? I like horror, fantasy and sci fi
Refugnic Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Haha, it pays to have a rather unique handle to go by, doesn't it? :D

Welcome. Welcome, indeed.

As I'm sure you've noticed already, I have a rather wide array of stories, both long and short for you to choose from, most of which move along the lines of sci-fi and fantasy, often borderlining between the two genres.

If you're looking for something a little longer, I think you may like Tisis, a survival/sci-fi collab I tried my hand at a while ago.
If something a little more recent tickles your fancy, I am currently working on 'Rise of the Psionians', an apocalyptic sci-fi story about people who suddenly got 'powers' and how that changed the world.
In Anti-Zombie I tried my hand at the horror genre. Not my best work to date, but I nevertheless entertaining I am least there's actually people who read the whole thing, so it can't be all bad. :D

What I don't recommend is 'Animal Kingdom', a piece of fantasy and kinda gone wrong or 'Manifest', which was my NaNoWriMo entry of last year, which is still better than AK, but not really 'grade A' material either...well, what to expect from something I typed down in less than a month, right? :P

And if you're looking for some of my shorter works/standalones, you may want to take a look at the remaining folders labeled short stories,  etc. where you will find some of the things I cooked up either in response to something specific or on a whim.

Except for Crochet, I doubt you will find anything worth reading in there. :D

I hope you'll enjoy your time in my gallery and if you've got a thing or two to say about how awful my writing is, feel free to share. :P
After all, feedback is the only real way for me to improve, cause how am I going to do better, if I don't know what I'm doing wrong? ;)

Thank you for finding me and have a lot of fun. :)
legomaestro Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Congratulations on winning your entry Refugnic! Impressive stuff. Tied down by school work atm but I'll get to it asap and give it a read.
Refugnic Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2015  Hobbyist Writer you know something I don't? :XD:

Waaait a minute, you don't mean to actually tell me...

Oh and thanks. :)
legomaestro Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Haha I was checking out The Written Revolution's page and they said we should congratulate you so yeah...
Refugnic Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
I'm afraid I don't see it right now. O_O

Where did you see this, if I may ask? Is it in the Twitter section by chance?
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dreamelancholia Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2015
Out of curiosity, what does "Refugnic Eternium" mean? :)
Refugnic Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Wow, you're actually the first person to ask that in a long time. In fact I can't even remember who the last person was who asked long ago has it been. Actually, I was considering writing a journal about who he is and everything, but didn't quite yet.

Now, to answer you question, 'Refugnic Eternium' is a construct from the words 'Refuge' and 'Eternity' -> The eternal refugee, his 'home planet' being 'Refugna', which would translate to 'the eternal refuge'.

I said 'his home planet', that's because 'Refugnic Eternium' is not just the name I chose for myself, but also the name of the oldest OC I have...he's been accompanying since I was ten or something. His name has changed a number of times over the years, but he's been Refugnic Eternium for over 10+ years now, so I guess this name is sticking :P

His character is based on what I wanted to be like, back when I was young, which is why his first name was a 'power version' of my own name (which I'm not stating), later became 'Refugna 1', if I recall correctly and finally became Refugnic Eternium. Just like his name changed, so did his story...and right now, I'm finally writing down this his story won't keep morphing under my hands as my life continues to unfold. :)

There are multiple Refugnic Eterniums now, actually. But they all have one thing in common...they all originate from my life, some deviating more, some deviating less from the original.
However the original Refugnic Eternium, that very first OC of mine...he was born different. Not a human, like the rest of them, not mutated like some of them, not caught up in exceptional circumstances like most of them.

The original Refugnic Eternium was born a hybrid between a human woman and an alien (Refugnian) man.
As such, he is heir to the legacy of his (now extinct people), blessed (?) with an enormous life-span and access to technologies, which shame what we have today in every respect...and yet he is not happy...know what? I think I'll type it down after all. Please check my profile later if you're interested. :)

Thanks for asking.
dreamelancholia Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2015
Wow, it's amazing how complex of a backstory he has. I've been coming up with my own OCs and they still need a lot of work!

I'll be sure to do that. :)
Refugnic Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
I've been working on it for long enough :XD:
Heh, I know the feeling all too well, all of my OCs have that problem that there's something lacking in their background or their character isn't properly developed and what not...but I still somehow manage to make my stories work. :)

So yeah, don't worry, you're not alone.

And I finished writing the journal with those explanations...sorry for taking so long, but I've been interrupted a number of times. :)
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