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Kopf-Ab-Tag by Refugnic, literature

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The first chime by Refugnic, literature

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I'm just a mediocre (at best) writer and programmer who's trying to make the best of his skills.

Some like me, some don't and some don't care...I believe that's all there is to say about me.

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Farewell dA

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Before you start reading this, I recorded a little something as background music for this journal. Go ahead. Hit the 'Play' button. Got it? Fine, be that way then. Alright, enough fooling around, time to get down to business...and it's a bit of a sad business. According to dA, I've been here for 6 years now...almost 7, actually. In this time, I've written a total of 506 deviations, most of which were long winded stories with long and elaborate chapters. I have no idea, how many pages I've written, I just know it's been a lot. In this time, I have gathered: 14k Pageviews 1.4k Points (from contests, comissions, lotteries) 9.3k commen
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Are you familiar with the myth of the sword of Damokles? As it so happens, fate has decided to put it over my head once again. A medicinal necessity in the family which may or may not become a problem in the near future will leave me without the support I require to have my Saturday mornings as 'writing time'. I will try to keep up writing my RotP chapters, but when my writing time gets removed like that...let me put it this way, a 3 year old child can be very demanding timewise, so I'm not sure if I can keep up the schedule. Thank you for reading my stories, thank you for sticking around and thank you for putting up with me. May life tr
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Want to stay updated about what's going on in my writing life in far greater detail than the occasional journal or the deviation stacks. Want to receive news of delays instead of just wondering 'why isn't there a new chapter today'? Now you can. A while ago, I've opened a Twitter account (Refugnic (, where I post quick status updates about new chapters, current projects (both dA and outside) etc., so if you want to keep up to date with what I'm up to now, feel free to meet me on Twitter. (And no, I still don't intend to get myself Facebook, since I have yet to see the point :P) Thanks for reading.
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Hello fellow Wingless reader and theoretician! ;^) So, tell me, what do you recommend me among your works? I like horror, fantasy and sci fi
Haha, it pays to have a rather unique handle to go by, doesn't it? :D

Welcome. Welcome, indeed.

As I'm sure you've noticed already, I have a rather wide array of stories, both long and short for you to choose from, most of which move along the lines of sci-fi and fantasy, often borderlining between the two genres.

If you're looking for something a little longer, I think you may like Tisis, a survival/sci-fi collab I tried my hand at a while ago.
If something a little more recent tickles your fancy, I am currently working on 'Rise of the Psionians', an apocalyptic sci-fi story about people who suddenly got 'powers' and how that changed the world.
In Anti-Zombie I tried my hand at the horror genre. Not my best work to date, but I nevertheless entertaining I am least there's actually people who read the whole thing, so it can't be all bad. :D

What I don't recommend is 'Animal Kingdom', a piece of fantasy and kinda gone wrong or 'Manifest', which was my NaNoWriMo entry of last year, which is still better than AK, but not really 'grade A' material either...well, what to expect from something I typed down in less than a month, right? :P

And if you're looking for some of my shorter works/standalones, you may want to take a look at the remaining folders labeled short stories,  etc. where you will find some of the things I cooked up either in response to something specific or on a whim.

Except for Crochet, I doubt you will find anything worth reading in there. :D

I hope you'll enjoy your time in my gallery and if you've got a thing or two to say about how awful my writing is, feel free to share. :P
After all, feedback is the only real way for me to improve, cause how am I going to do better, if I don't know what I'm doing wrong? ;)

Thank you for finding me and have a lot of fun. :)
Congratulations on winning your entry Refugnic! Impressive stuff. Tied down by school work atm but I'll get to it asap and give it a read. you know something I don't? :XD:

Waaait a minute, you don't mean to actually tell me...

Oh and thanks. :)
Haha I was checking out The Written Revolution's page and they said we should congratulate you so yeah...
I'm afraid I don't see it right now. O_O

Where did you see this, if I may ask? Is it in the Twitter section by chance?
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Out of curiosity, what does "Refugnic Eternium" mean? :)