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Chosen Remnant Myspace Nov 08

So this is the Myspace I have been working on lately, as you can see, it has a nice music/miami look to it. I STRONGLY recommend, you see the real thing Here [link]

(Photo by me as well)

Give me Your Feedback :D
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Ha, I'm so jealous. I've always wanted to make my own layouts. I just don't know how to do the coding, ya know?
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Ah man this code was easy! I'm uploading a new deviation this week which was a PAIN to code!
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Thanks! Appreciate it :)
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Brilliant myspace layout! I know how hard it is to design / create a layout. That's quite impressive.

How long did it take you to design / code it?
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Thanks! It took me less than a week, it was a real easy project, and the coding was super simple. I've been designing myspace stuff for like 2 years already so I've got the system down lol. Want a layout? Check out my blog ;)
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Lovely ;o
Super awesome!
So much detail! <3
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You could make alot of money doing layouts. I'm sure I could too if I understood the complex web tools of MySpace.
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Yeah, I got Myspace down to the t, i know how to work it, the problem is getting clients! :(
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it's luxus work a really love these colors ..
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THANK YOU! Check out the real thing, you can see the details and the real background much better [link]
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That's awesome man! Really Miami pimpin :)
Not sure about the border that the banner has though.
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