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the bloody bible

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i'm a controversal fuck.. religion breeds conflict and death. the blood is on your hands.
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Well done the amount of blood spilled in the name of the bible's "god", is greater then the blood spilt by any other weapon.
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this is fucking brilliant
love it
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True that! Very nice piece of consciousness-raising here. (Weird, disconcerting thought that won't leave me alone until I write it down: when I saw just the thumbnail, I thought it could be the Origin as well... but that would be obviously foolish, duh!)

"I ain't afraid of your Yahweh
I ain't afraid of your Allah
I ain't afraid of your Jesus
I'm afraid of what you do in the name of your God" - Holly Near
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Yea, I completely agree with you Mr. Jam. Religion fucks people up, religion can be a good thing but you know how we all we can hallucinate and think that god is telling us to avenge peoples death by killing more people and spending someone else’s hard earned money (*cough* bush). I love the blood, it makes it more apparent that we are the ones to blame, and the bible is something out of our we have an excuse.
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thank you.. you are spot on.
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defamation of the bible is vulgar low and offensive. i love it.
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i know ... makes me all tingly to do.
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well since you want conflict: religion doesnt cause conflict and death, humanity screwing up 'religion' does... there would probably be conflict and death even if there werent religions.

but if i look at your art as a picture of humanity marring of the bible, i adore it. too bad thats not what you meant at all :)

oh well i like it anyway, its a dramatic picture. and i love controversy too, so keep them coming :)

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no what i meant is that humanitys interpretation is exactly why the bible is void.. CAUSE ITS HUMANS .. humans=fucked up and make mistakes. bible is written by human hand and is abused by the human mind
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hey! good thats exactly what i wanted it to mean. i agree wqith you, good way to show it :)

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