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blood stains

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fight club. making a project test kiosk to show off to people for it.. so i've been making stuff. i just like blood on paper.
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hey you mind if i use this as the icon for my fight club?
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Very Kool !!!

Good Job, thanx! (just what I need, a nice wall xD)
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that's cool...and i luv that movie :)
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Woah! Very cool! I love Fight Club. Awesome wallpaper, man.
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Im a big fan of that movie, it's a masterpiece!
Good wallpaper too!
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"This Is Awesome. It is made of Win and God."
Really though, this is supremely better than 95% of the Fight Club fan art out there.
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verrrrrrrrry nice! :D i know im late, but w/e! lol! love it! fav : )
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thank you!
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No one ever says "That was an awesome book..." But that aside. Good work and it is a kick-ass movie. I just wish real people had that fight left in them.
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+fav for this one...
one of the best fight club wallpapers I have seen in a long long time
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I love Fight Club. I love this. :+fav:
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w00t, i love that movie, im abit disapointed its only 1024x768 though cause i run 1280x1024, will see how it streches anyways, keep up the good work
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Sick. You don't know how many pages I've scrolled through to find a Fight Club WP this good. Nice job man, thanks!
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Great! Definitely my favorite movie and you did a wonderful work on this wp. I'm agree it seems different of wp we're use to see on the movie.
Well i maybe saw the soap darker or with more shadow but forget! It's great this way! :clap:
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thank you.. i'm a huge fan of the movie.. amazingly huge. i've lived parts of it. so thanks alot.
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DUDE awesome job...i agree more originality here compared to other peoples FC wallpapers...ill plus fave it for all your hard work...good flick
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thank you very much...

not so much hard work..but boredom and finding something to whilst talking to my gf online. heh.
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hmm...nicely done! I LOVED that movie!!! :)
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one of the greatest movies of all time
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Pretty cool, really, but a few things bug me about it. First of all, "mayham" should be spelled mayhem. Also, the text could probably do with some edges, maybe a thin black edge to seperate it form the paper? Just my two cents.
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fuck.. i must of deleted the one on my harddrive with the correct spelling. i do that constently. but thank you.. fixed and tried that outlining thing..sorta. modified shadow.
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One of the better Fight Club wallpaper's I've seen.

Cool work.

- A
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That is awesome! +fav!
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