To a God thats left us behind

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To a God that’s left us behind

So here I am back where I started
Choking back your lies
You tell me that I’m insane
Apologize for the pain
Make amends for the disappointments
Explain the anatomy of shame
Theorize on my soul
Synergize my personalities
Guilt me into believing
Forsake knowledge
Embrace ignorance
Fain compassion
a letter to the a-typical bullshit organized religion god
© 2003 - 2021 reflectivejam
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you said it perfectly ...
I just don't think we're left behind ... there's nothing to begin with ... everything around us is a series of coincidences in time & place ... after this it all ends & that's final ...
anyways, beautiful piece you got here :bye:
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hey man...I am here to look...respond..and create :) more of the looking and responding because when i create...it is normally unusual and very beautiful...so it takes its time lol....but looking and responding and creating bonds with my fellow artists is what i do! :)
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Pain, its like that never ending torch that the olympics use so many times...never faltering nore fading, it always arises within the dwellings of the darkness of the heart to obtain new goals and shatter even more hearts, just to keep the flame aburning. I enjoyed this, I feel for the same sentiments. A friend wants told me, 'Life is just the fart that leads to the shit when you die', he said it all. Keep writing, you will get somewhere someday with this, it might be good, and it might be bad, but HEY, at least you will be going somewhere, unlike me lol :) keep your chin up, maybe something will happen that may help you along your way, or nothing will happen and you will end up like me, talented, but without the heart nore the encourgement to take forth from it. Good, good start! I am very pleased, I will add you and watch you! :)
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wow, thank you very much.