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Hope appeared for the first time

...but would it last?

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"Light of hope", that's how I feel

Love your art~

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I agree with you, thanks!

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This is gorgeous. Looks like movie still. Well done!! Heart bum

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thank! Glad you like:hug:

MaddyMaakt's avatar

You are welcome!! Smile

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Wow, this is a great picture. I like it so much I would love to have this on my wall at home. Great job!
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The sunlight looks like a welcome sight for sore eyes after spelunking about in that dark, dark icy cavern!

ReFiend's avatar

The main thing is that the eyes get used to the light=)

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I hope that ray of sun gives the wanderer some warmth and hope, while she delves further into the icy mountains.

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There is always hope and a ray of light proves it)

Oh wow, this is incredible! Well done!

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Thank you! Glad to try

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OMG, it's so beautiful! Breathtaking! It's basically art goals. I wish I could create something like that. If you don't mind, I've downloaded it and made it my PC wallpaper to inspire me every day and make my every day simply better.

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Of course, I will only be glad if you will be inspired by this!

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i'm true glad!

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