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Carmine Rock

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This is rally great! The details are packed in, and the colors are very well balanced! Awesome job:)!

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I found a video using this image with background ambience without credit: , I though I would let you know in case it is a problem. really nice artwork!

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thanks for pointing this out to me!

Magnificent composition. Love the downward-looking view of the passing river as well as your use of sunlight. Spectacular color in the trees & flowers with a wonderful background of steep hills. The piece de resistance is the lone figure standing on the riverbank in the foreground. A truly great piece of work. Big-time congrats. joe in buenos aires

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Can I make this a YouTube video intro?

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contact me in notes, please

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what your contact? email?

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This is wonderful! Do you have this available as a print? I could sit and stare the details all day!
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Hi, Of course, I added this as a print=)
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Beatiful!  Thanks for sharing it with us. ✨
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perdido en algun sin rumbo , sin un camino , pero siento que estoy en casa . 9/10
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this needs a little width
move the mountains
in my poor opinion
Is this before the ruined temple in the marshland, or after?

The detail is awesome
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As you like - I did not think about it)
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This is breathtakingly beautiful, mind if I make this my desktop background?
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thanks, of course)
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Wow, I didn't even notice the person until I downloaded it to set as my wallpaper.
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Wow, this is gorgeous! And large enough to be a wallpaper to boot! Despite it being quite colourful, the rain makes it have a bit of a melancholic mood. I like this a lot! Good job!
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What program do you use to make your drawings? Thanks for attention!!
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Photoshop CS6
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Wow, this is simply breathtaking! 

Do you mind if I use this as inspiration for aquascaping my aquarium? Its not likely to look as amazing as the original, but I would love to try if your okay with it c: 
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thanks, of course, use it for aquarium
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