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Armour 16th century - Walkthrough - Tutorial by NaamahVonhell
Armour Glossary by AshrobFielder
Expressions Project ft. Indecisive by IndecisiveCrabCake
Lighting Angles Front and Side by RobynRose
Expressions Reference Project
Ultimate Expression Sheet by Marcotonio-desu
Expressions Turnaround project
Molly's Expressions by deepbluerenegade
Black and White Expressions by deepbluerenegade
Basic exprssn turnaround by chronicdoodler
Portrait and expressions tuts
Expressions- Mouth + Jaw by Wren-Stout
Facial structure tutorial 1 by DayDawnDusk
Facial structure 2-Eyes by DayDawnDusk
What Skin Colors? by Smirtouille
Anatomy Tutorials
Understanding Anatomy 2: Hands by AsharaNi
Understanding Anatomy 3: MOAR Knee by AsharaNi
Understanding Anatomy: The Knee by AsharaNi
Facial Reference: The Nose by CGCookie
Clothing Tutorials
Illustrating Clothes: Shirts by klindicative
Clothed Characters in Perspective by toerning
patterned fabrics by oione
Tutorial: Clothes and Folds by kitten-chan
Misc Tutorials
Unique Features Tutorial: Pt 1 by jeinu
Unique Features Tutorial: Pt 2 by jeinu
Unique Features Tutorial: Pt 3 by jeinu
Quick Environment Breakdown by JackEavesArt
Animal Tutorials
Dragon Tutorial - New by alecan
Guide to Housecat Breeds 2 by Majnouna
Digital Paint tuts
Help with: Colourful Shading, pt 2 by AsharaNi
Skintone Tut - longest ever by cypherx
MichaelO's Hair Tutorial by MichaelO
Traditional media tuts
Copic Tutorial and Walkthrough by bybystarlight
Watercolour Tutorial by nokecha
Watercolor Tutorial Series: Bleeding by Xadrea
Watercolor tutorial 2 by emperpep
Just plain handy reference
Faces Of Death STOCK I by PhelanDavion
Coloring effects
Urban Bow Tie by bananacooper
WIP Reference
glow - step by step by schmoedraws


Ifigenia's Masquerade VI by CrowsReign-Stock
Ifigenia's Masquerade I by CrowsReign-Stock
Girl Portrait - CrowsReign by CrowsReign-Stock
Male full or partial body

Mature Content

submissive gay couple 7 by TheMaleNudeStock

Mature Content

Tiepolo Male Nudes 3 by TheMaleNudeStock

Mature Content

Chair 5 by DaeStock
Apocalypse 6 by DaeStock
Female full or partial body
STOCK - I Love Coffee Low Bench by LaLunatique
STOCK - I Love Coffee On a Chair by LaLunatique
Male Portraits
Taylor Jackson Cemetery 14 by LinzStock
Vice 2 by Ahrum-Stock
Viking stock 35 by Random-Acts-Stock
Taming the Wild 7 by Ahrum-Stock
Female portraits
Princess Stock 2 by Reine-Haru
Stock 49 by Dingelientje-stock
jeu by SvartHeks-Stock
Landscape 8 by Gothic11Shadow
Waterfall Pool Stock by blaisedrew62
Wintersports by Burtn
Backgrounds interior
BG King's Chapel by Eirian-stock
Church1 by Kia01-Stock
Background exterior
Japanese Garden Stock 5 by AmethystDreams1987
Bomarzo Monster Park 2 by Amor-Fati-Stock
The Garden of Monet_Stock by MJ84-StockPhotos
Rocamadour-City on a cliff by Cat-in-the-Stock
Abdomination: How to draw beef by Coelasquid
Expression tutorial by shingworks
Tutorial - Craneofacials 01 by AenTheArtist
Clouds tutorial by MinnaSundberg
Reference materials
Female Anatomy Reference 1 by naiser
Multi-reference Sketches 002 by what-i-do-is-secret
Face shading, basic planes by what-i-do-is-secret
Reference: Men's clothing by what-i-do-is-secret
Studio Shoot 09 by LinzStock



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I love numbers that match 1,111 watchers have joined and I am so glad people are finding this club useful.

A little update on submissions, I would like to remind people this group is strictly for tutorials and reference images only. Reference being along the lines of something like this Posewar by santichan where multiple shots are shown. For individual shots feel free to submit to our favorites!

I have been receiving lots of personal art and while its lovely, I am trying to ensure this group doesn't become like the others where you see more art then reference in the devwatches. These our rejected outright. Sorry about this, but I believe it is for the best.

Also had a few questions on rejections so I would like to elaborate. Please don't be offended if I reject the more cartoony style tutorials. I love stylized drawing myself, but as a reference point one must learn the rules of anatomy to break them. Otherwise, one is learning that artists personal style and may get stuck. Though I do allow cartoony style in tutorials that teach something other than anatomy, such as coloring.

Tutorial and reference sites:

Babe Lab… (nudity)
How to draw it all
The Pin up files
Pose maniacs (great for simulated life drawing)

Great Apps for tablet owners:
Stephen Silver Posebook app. Can't say enough about these two apps, please read my review and check them out for yourself they are glorious.
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In this tut I reveal all of my secrets, techniques of drawing, giving volumes, etc. It is very detailed and suitable for even novice photoartist.
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