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Young princess Zelda

Hi guys! here is a painting of young princess Zelda for the 25th Zelda Anniversary!... I am a BIG fan of the games, especially OoT, so, I felt almost obligated to do something!
hope you like it!
Hola a todos! Aqui les presento una pintura de la joven princesa Zelda para las celebraciones del 25 aniversario de Zelda!... Soy un GRAN fan de los juegos, especialmente de "Ocarina of Time", asi que practicamente me senti obligado a celebrarlo pintando algo!
Espero que les guste!
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This looks like my daughter, is it possible to order a print?

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Oh, day's so sweet :з
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This is amazing!!!  I love it!!!!
looks like something that should be on frozen
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This is extraordinary!
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If only the Zelda games look like this 
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I saw this long time ago, finally able to say how awesome this is. Young Princess Zelda inspired me to draw back when I first played Ocarina of Time
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Very nice, I'm playing through Ocarina right now in fact. 
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es hermoso, todos los detalles tan guays que hay en ese retrato :D
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Beautiful artwork... and a really cute li'l kid Zelda. OwO I can almost picture her swinging around that too-big Master Sword and turtling under a Hylian Shield, Young Link style.
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I would love this to be on a canvas and framed and hung in my living room. Is there any way possible to buy a copy?
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Excelent! great job :D I really love it!
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really beautiful work
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You need to get "P" Capital'd in this title. Show her some respect, ya'know?
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D'awww! Her face is so adorable!
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This is freakin cute
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She is so lovely <3
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Wow, this is fantastic! :)
Excellent work!
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That is aDORable!!!! She's so perfect! 
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