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April 7, 2011
Fully Restored by *ReevolveR The suggester wrote: "Amazing take on the aftermath, for want of a better word, of every Mega Man game. The style is cute and yet simply realistic, and it's an overall amazing take on the Blue Bomber and his sister Roll."
Featured by alexandrasalas
Suggested by zhaur
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Fully Restored

Sorry, I deleted my entry image because I thought the Megaman Tribute rules did not alow artist to publish their work before the book came out... now that I read it carefully it says "we recommend" so no problems at the end I suppose =)
Have a great day!
Disculpen! borre mi imagen para participar en el Megaman Tribute porque pensé que las reglas no permitían publicar ningún trabajo antes de que sea publicado el libro... Pero ya leyendo con detenimiento me doy cuenta que dice "recomendamos" así que no habrá ningún problema =)
Feliz día!
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That's sweet! :)
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Awesome work
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I think i actually read Roll wanted to become a nurse somewhere.
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This picture has evaded my favorites for long enough!

Thank you for reposting this.  I love this piece!
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I love this
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WAit....they're siblings?!
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dont worry, they are not biologically related, the sibling thing is more about social western cultures than anything else and in Japan Roll is treated as a little girl that has a crush on Rockman
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=P (Razz) hehe, yea, i actually like the pair although they should have made it in a way that would have more international approval to avoid issues like adaptation changes(Japan society is more tolerant with unrelated incest things, although maybe first cousin marriage is going a bit to far but o well). By the way, have you visited this website called Rockman Tanjou?
They host many old Rockman/Megaman japanese mangas that have not been localized in the west and may never be after more than 20 years. I will give you the link o the old posts where they hold them:…

in the newest post they havea link to Battle&Chase manga which is not japanese anga but taiwanese and also other stuff.

:( (Sad) It seems that only Rockman&Forte has recieved a little translation to english, about 30% i would say, i hope that they may get help for the translations, maybe you know friends or people that may give a hand for that. On  urpose, Rockman 8 and Rockman&Frote manga are the best examples of the love crush that Roll has for Rockman, specially the japanese custome of Honmei and Giri chocos for valentine which in the manga is its obviously a Honmei-choco and reminds me of Valentine Roll from Megaman Powered Up and in which copy Roll teases original Roll about her feelings for Rock.

Wink/Razz On games that we have irrefutable proof that Roll has a crush on Megaman we have Megaman Powered  Up(cpy roll and roll´s quote while using her valentine oufit reveal it), Rockman Jump and her love song known as kazeyo in japanese that is revealed o be aimed for Rockman in games like Megaman 6 from Rockman Complete Works
Roll´s theme:…
Jump Rockman for phone:…,!_R…
Megaman Powered Up:…

Well, hope you enjoy the manga scans and make sure to share it with your friends since who knows, maybe one of them can help Rockman Tanjou blog with the transalations:) (Smile) 
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Whoa. Thanks. That's a lot of information there! :)
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You are welcome, and while you read the mangas tell your friends, perhaps one of them may be of help to Rockman Tanjou website with the translations:) (Smile) 
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esta bien chingona man saludos buenos trabajos
excelente, en verdad todo tu trabajo me fascina! :D
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wonderful colouring, sketching, texture, and it has a real eighties feel while still being a new style. It fits in well with the NES era Mega Man.
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Oh this may be old but still great.
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wow looks so realistic
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oh i really missed his x buster
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