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[OPEN] Lit YTH - caving/exploring, 15HP
Literature YCH piece for your tokota. All i must do is complete it with your toko's name, pronouns and physical descriptions ^^
It will grant you at least 15HP + the items rolled for the activity!
Written for Caving, but can also go as just Exploring!
The tokota goes to explore a crack they found, finds a tunnel in the mountain, that leads to a water natural deposit with glowing algae on it. They can't go back the same way, so they swim through a subterranean river and finally get off the damn mountain XD
The summer seemed to be lasting more than its usual span. [YourTokoName] was tired of that hot weather.
In the mountain, however, it was cooler than in the grasslands. The humid soil was covered in a thick carpet of fallen leaves and pine needles, that painted the area with all sorts of oranges, reds and browns, and invaded [YTN]'s nose with their vivid fragrance after the last rains.
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Crystal Walls Design by ReenvhAi Crystal Walls Design :iconreenvhai:ReenvhAi 6 0 Smelly-Mouse - Quinn, diving, worms by ReenvhAi Smelly-Mouse - Quinn, diving, worms :iconreenvhai:ReenvhAi 9 5 Bday Ice :D by ReenvhAi Bday Ice :D :iconreenvhai:ReenvhAi 6 5 HoneyDipply - Arson chasing worms by ReenvhAi HoneyDipply - Arson chasing worms :iconreenvhai:ReenvhAi 15 2 unnamed vent kinda by ReenvhAi unnamed vent kinda :iconreenvhai:ReenvhAi 4 3
in hopes to have a false custombox
i will try anchors out.
w h a t | the actual | F U C K
so hey this is first shit
Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah not in the back of my ca-a-ar (rumble rumble)
("back to top" option just because it seems to be working)
and this is second shit
(also back to top here)
and im getting tired now
like, so tired
man im fucking tired but i dont wanna sleep
finally, third and last shit.
now ill go to sleep i guess?
btt (above and beyond)
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KieyRevange - Spice diving for worms by ReenvhAi KieyRevange - Spice diving for worms :iconreenvhai:ReenvhAi 7 5 diving for worms YCH! (JR/NebNom) [closed] by ReenvhAi diving for worms YCH! (JR/NebNom) [closed] :iconreenvhai:ReenvhAi 11 32
flashbacks . caeli . better title anyone?
Cadenza ran to the fabrics stand, eager. Muehrin went after him, walking slower. He smiled when he saw the kid taking two kerchiefs at the same time, examining them attentively.
The blacksmith greeted the saleswoman, and then turned to the white caeli.
-So what, you like any of these?
-Well, I don't know -Cadenza put a hand on his chin in thoughtful attitude, as he held a red and a beige kerchief- Both are nice. I also like that embroidered cyan one there -and he pointed a fabric that was hung on the stand.
-All of them look nice -Muehrin agreed.
-What do you think? -the boy wrapped the red one on his head- How does it look? What about this one? -he took the cyan kerchief and held it next to his skin.
Mu glanced at the seller, that smiled slightly.
-Well, both of them are pretty -he replied, taking the red fabric off from Cadenza’s head and handling the cyan one- however, if I had to choose, I like this one better. Matches your eyes. And the white and golden embroidery… loo
:iconreenvhai:ReenvhAi 4 9
Music is my drug (Stamp) by ReenvhAi Music is my drug (Stamp) :iconreenvhai:ReenvhAi 24 7
short murder story for April1th
You trip with some root and fall to the ground. You jump up, your heart racing, and keep running. Your legs feel like fire, and every time you stumble or stop a little, it seems that your knees would bend and never stretch again.
You have no more strength, and yet you keep running, your blood flowing from all the wounds. There's some inner power that allows you to move, even when your body has exceeded its limits a long time ago.
Suddenly, your left arm is trapped. A
((gonna edit later)
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Feindeer Forest journal skin! (updated) by ReenvhAi Feindeer Forest journal skin! (updated) :iconreenvhai:ReenvhAi 5 8 Forest decoration (f2u) by ReenvhAi Forest decoration (f2u) :iconreenvhai:ReenvhAi 20 7 apparently, the deserts sun doesnt burns him by ReenvhAi apparently, the deserts sun doesnt burns him :iconreenvhai:ReenvhAi 8 2 isometric Escher thing by ReenvhAi isometric Escher thing :iconreenvhai:ReenvhAi 10 2


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*is probably starving*
Artist | Student | Digital Art

Goat | They-them plz | Queer | MuchProjects-NoTime

The place where the Sky meets the Earth

I draw the thirst
the hunger
The cold, the dark
the loneliness and the emptiness
The blood and the fear.
I'm drawing my past
I'm throwing away the worst part of me.

I draw the growing flowers and trees
The life
The sunlight, the starry sky
the friends and the love
The help and the hope.
I'm drawing my dreams
I'm sharing the best of me.

I draw mainly for two reasons:
One, to put all my nightmares out of my mind
I cannot resist them there.
Two, to create a new world where those bad things won't exist
To fight for all the good things that still survive in my rotten self.
Art is the key to escape from this dungeon
And the key that opens the Heaven Garden.

11 by Sonmoray
sup bitches guess who's back
actually not as back as i would like to but, hey, i recovered my account and i plan to post a couple of things in the next days. It's been a long time, wasn't it? Hm, i want y'all to know that for the sake of keeping things simple i just deleted most of the notifications, so if i missed some of your great art or group stuff, please do let me know ^^

Imma make a short story about how shit went up last year for me... in 2017 i dropped uni but started it again this year and i seem to be doing fine, well, better than last year at least. I contemplated suicide in september but on january i started counseling and things are more balanced now. At least i take pride in that my new haircut and confidence are hella hot (?). So, lets see how shit goes on. I wont be as active as before, but at least im producing art regularly now, and have some irl activities. (it doesnt mean that i dont miss you, in fact i returned here to tell you how awesome you are and to spread a little love around <3 )

Whatever, im going to try and offer some commissions, because now that im a real uni student, money is running low and i havent find a job yet (but im looking for it!). So if any of you want to buy something i'll be very grateful ^^
Also, expect me to organize my online presence soon! I'm working on portfolios and that shit :D

I hope y'all are good! It was so long since the last time i could talk to the majority of you. Anything new on the internet? Here have some positive vibes :hooray: Glomp! 
  • Watching: the time flow and my future be wasted(?)



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