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Set to this Took me forever to find one XD I find it kinda funny though that its a raphiphpo thing >W> though I'm more focused on Bruno's part XD

Can-can's eyes were wide as he stared at the Pokemon currently visiting the ranch. He had seen many beautiful females over his time, though he has never bred before, but this angel here was the most beautiful. The Aromatisse looked down at himself and for the first time in his life felt so...plain. Can-can has always be the advocate for the 'normals' on Silver Moon but... right now he felt unworthy to even look at the beauty before him. 

"Excuse me..." Can-can's feathers ruffled as she walked up to him and smiled, "Sorry, I couldn't help but notice you there. I'm Queen... you?" Can-can sputtered as Queen sat before him and after a bit he finally mumbled, "U-Um... Fragrant Dancer but everyone calls me Can-can... or just Can..." Queen giggled, laying next to Can-can, the Aromatisse getting nervous, and she said, "Well you're name suits you Can. You smell wonderful." Can-can's hands rung together, "Th-thanks... its what my kind is know for." 

Queen giggled again and said, "Also, since the names match, you must be the Can-can that Moondog mentioned." He blinks and she continues, "We just had a clutch. I was just taking a breather." Can-can looked down, sighing, "Oh... Moondog is a good guy. He's an old hat at this breeding thing. I'm sure it wasn't bad for you... er wait..." Queen laughs at the birds red face and gently nudges him. "Yes he did but how about you? You seem very sweet from what he told me and what little I've heard from you so far."

Can-can rubbed the back of his neck. "W-Well... I never have... I'd love kids but... no one wants to breed with me..." He looks down again sadly. "I'm not desirable enough... I mean... I'm just a plain old Aromatisse..." Queen tilted her head before sitting behind Can-can and gently made him lean on her, making him look her in the eyes, "Maybe you just haven't found the right girl yet..." Can-can hesitated before asking, "Do you have to go soon?" Queen giggles, "No."

Can-can fiddled with his hands before asking, "Do... Do you wanna... t-talk?" Queen just smiled and nodded, "I'd love too, Can."
364 words.

Life Mate Entry for tealgoodra QwQ Can's an older mon on the ranch and I have yet to use him for anything so I thought he could try for Queen qwq its just a sweetheart and loves kids as well uwu I thought they fit very well

Both get 5 levels 

Queen to tealgoodra

Pokemon to Nintendo

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