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Reading is dangerous! Know the signs!
SketchEmily is a very lazy "comic strip" that happens sometimes.
The whole point of SketchEmily is that she is drawn only the most roughest of sketches. In fact, the sloppier the better.

Any resemblance to me is completely coincidental.
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I love this! Is there any way I can buy a print?
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I saw this online somewhere! I must say that this is so, so true! :D
love it love it love it, do you mind if i develop your concept into photos?
InvaderGIR1708's avatar
HA, That's hilarious!
WitchyScientistKae's avatar
im like always the last one XD 
SwankyButters's avatar
Rough sketches are my preferred... So natural, really love it...
LogicinWonderland's avatar
Totally true.
I do this.. which must look funny as im 6'5"
I need to show that to my husband :)
freaky-hedgehog's avatar
This is so true it's scary...
peach-melody's avatar
I'm terribly nearsighted, so I tend to read with my books up close to my face (like in the last column) so I could see the words better.

(I know I should be wearing glasses or contacts if I can't see words that well from far away, but I just don't like having anything on my face or in my eyes)
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That is so beautifully right.
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My sister just sent me a link to this: you've got it captured perfectly, right down to the warnings.
Reenin's avatar
lol, thanks ;)
CoHMissKyo's avatar
This is truth! :)
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