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Well, I'm rather ashamed to admit it, but after... more than two years on devArt I finally reached 1000 page views.  That makes me happy ^_^  Thanks guys ^_^  Here's to hoping the next thousand takes a lot less time... and that I learn to do backgrounds ~.^
Well, it's been a long time since I bothered with a journal entry.  I've never been the diary sort...  Anyway, I found all the artists I was searching for, and no one helped me.  Don't I feel loved?  On the up side, I'm nearing 1000 page views.  Since it took me... almost two years to reach the mid-800s I'm betting it will be awhile, but...

I'm having a contest on my website.  Ruruoni Kenshin fanart.  The theme is "three's a crowd".  If you're interested email me. Just click the little link under my webpage button...  all artists get full credit and linkage.
Alright, if anyone actually reads this... I really need some help.  Around mid-July my motherboard crashed and I lost much of my data even though I have two hard drives! To top it all off, all three of my most recent backup CD's are corrupted...  and my internet is being stupid...  I am trying to find all my lost stuff, including most of my DA favs.  If anyone has the link to any of the following DA artists I would be extremely grateful.


Genevieve GT


Thank you!   
Wow... I haven't written a journal in forever - mainly because no one ever comments on them anyway... oh well, popular I've never been ^_^  Anyway... I'm about to wrap up my original character set.  Then I think I'll post some croos over fanart ^_^  Yipee!
Hurray I fixed my scanner!  I scanned four line arts today, which means more art soon!  Three SC7 characters and a pokemon semi-fanart... not sure what to put it under...
Also, my website used to be hosted through Angelfire, but they were annoying, so I've now moved to a place that gives me much more space ^_^ And lots of other neat stuff... of course, that means I have a new domain name, but hopefully I'll be able to repurchase my old one by summer.  And then I can have 2 sites ^_^
Okay, all twelve of you who watch me!  I really need some pointers here!!!  I've noticed that I don't know how to control the age of a character.  What I mean by that is that I tend to draw characters looking young, and sometimes I don't want them to look young... what can I do to make them look "mature" facial feature wise - mature being late 20s to early 30s...
So... I got a tablet for Christmas, but when I use it to draw the lines are really squared off and jagged.  Anyone know how to fix that and make them nice and smooth?  I'm using Photoshop Elements btw.  Merry late Christmas and early Happy New Year to everyone.  I'm working on my spring layout for my site, I might post some artwork if I draw any :wink: we'll see.
Just some thoughts inspired by a friend's journal entry...

As long as the little things make you happy you will never know true despair, you will always have hope, and you will always have small reminders that God loves you.  They talk about how we're all losing our childhood.  At younger and younger ages we press harder and harder trying to reach greater things and more accomplishments.  But how many people are truly happy like that?  My dad has been bemoaning that state of California kids and how we have no ambition.  But I say we've seen what ambition has done to our parents, and how they all wish they'd taken more time for important things and spent less time working.  We've seen that, and we figure we'll take their advice... then at least we won't have destroyed our relationships...
Not that anyone cares or ever reads/ answers these but... I'm looking for a web hosting package that offers more storgae.  VizaWeb Inc has an awesome looking package for way less than I currently pay for my tiny one.  But I haven't heard anything about the company... any one know anything about them, or know where I can find out about them???
Okay, I posted this on the Microsoft Community newsgroup, but no one answered and it's been four days... so now I'll ask you all.  Does anyone know if there's a way to make the background of an inline frame transparent (so the regular page bkg shows through) in FrontPage 2003?  It's driving me crazy!!!
Wow, I submit one peice of art for a contest and suddenly my popularity skyrockets! Okay... not literally.  But I went from being on two people's freinds lists to being on 6 peoples.  That's double in two days!  I should post more random fanart...
I joined the Ashiteru club today.  They have cool contests.  Now I have to post the icon.  Let's see...
Yay!  Daddy says he's buying me a really nice Tablet for CHristmas, and it comes wit hPhotoshop elements which will be way better than anything I've got.  Plus, I finally got to borrow Jenny's sketchbook so I can scan lots of piccy's for my website.  Also... I finally found a place with enough free storage for all of those pictures so I can actually post them on the site finally ^_^ So happy!  Now if only I get the part I want in the Christmas play, a new job, and the stupid guy I wish I didn't like would stop being so wierd...
sigh... but we can't have everything.
Okay, way upset because everyone always has such nice, clean line art, and I cna't seem to do that!  Why? WHY!?  It's driving me crazy.  See, I have to use Corel PhotoPaint 8.  I finally figured out how to work its layers and mask and stuff, but my line art... ^^; it sucks...  I hardly ever use that word.  But it's the only thing that comes close to describing it.  I'm so sad.  I ahve a great pic of my original characters and I just can't do it on the stupid computer.  It would help if my computer scanned well too.  Does anyone know if Carel has an equivilant (ouch... major S/P - anybody got a dictionary?  What I wouldn't give for spell check on DA) to Photoshop's magnetic snap pen tool?  I really could use some help!!!
Trying desperately to get a new job... and frantically to post the frames version of my site.  Do you know how hard it is to find pictures of the human pokemon characters?  It's next to impossible!  
The power went out four times at my house yesterday.  Drove me crazy!  Stupid power not working *grumblebrumblegrumble*  and is being stupid too!  I think it might be the new version of word I downloaded, but FF doen'st show the * anymore.  Causes me no end of problems!
Other than that... my accompaniast in moving to Iowa, or Idaho, one of those I states.  I'm so sad ;;
ARgh!!! I wrote all this a second ago and it somehow got deleted!!!!!  ANyway.  I discovered today that my dad's computer has Photodraw the limited version.  Don't know when he got it because I've looked before and it wasn't there - it's not like it was hard to find today...  I want the full version for MY computer so bad!  But I bet it costs lots and I just spent over $100 on software.  Guess it'll jsut have to go on my list (behind every DVD of every anime I've ever seen...).  My mom got all mad because they jsut got me the software to update my website on my computer so I'd get off dad's .  And now I found something else on his that I like.
I haven't posted any art in forever... not that anyone cares.  I might pozt the little sample pic I did in photodraw just so I could see what all the tools did.  I drew a cool one page manga with no dialogue.  I really gotta trace all my stuff in pen so I can scan it...  Umm... working on a picture of wood nymphs anime style (greek dieties in Japanese animetion :O_o: go figure :shrug: Does anyone know the difference between a nymph and a dryad?  I thought I dryad was a tree spirit, but the nwe wouldn't need wood nymphs... Is a dryad male?
Anyway.  bye now.  Gotta finish the frames version of my site.  I said it's be up in June ^^; I am SO dead!    
I'm happy, because I got that picture into another format :D  YAY!  So I changed my desktop, and now when I come on Deviant Art the little arrow slots are tan instead of gray ^^; it doesn't really fit.  I wonder why my desktop theme affects that... If I had my emoticon legend up I'd do a confused face, but I don't.  Let's try an experiment.  :confused:  if that made A face then the experiment was a success!  If not... then you get to see the word confused surrounded by colons ^^;  have a nice night all two peopel who love me!
So I got Photodraw which meant I could finally finish the colored version of my line art of me and the anime guys... but my computer refuses to save it as a jpeg or gif so I can't get it out of photodraw and into something useful :frustrated:  I HATE computers sometimes (most times)  Baka computer, baka programs.  ^^; I'm so upset I'm using JAPANESE!!!  Too much anime for me ^^
I got Photodraw and Front Page 200(3?) plus I preordered Yu Yu Hakusho Dark Tournament Box set # 1 (yes there are 2 'cuz there are twleve discs or something ^^; ).  I'm so HAPPY!!!  I got the YYH at a great discount too.  But it doesn't come out until the end of July. :crying:
:shrug: oh well, just in time for my birthday :D  ^^; I'm such a skitz :crazy:  
^^;  I scare myself sometimes... Bye now
MSN makes me so mad sometimes.  Okay, so, a while ago MSN kept deleting my favorites list, which was really upsetting.  But it hasn't done it in a while.  Today I went on the internet on my dad's computer and it hadn't updated the favorites changes I made on mine Monday.  THat's okay, it always takes a few minutes.  Except it still hadn't updated when I got done hours later.  THen I went on my computer and my fav list had reverted to the one on my dad's computer. ARGHHHHHH!!!!! I lost all the organization and I lost like ten things I had added to my favs.  I HATE MSN sometimes.  Why do things work sometimes and not others?  I mean, I've been using three computers for months now, and I've been able to add favs on all of them and organize on all of them and have them update correctly.  WHy now?