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Mirage: The Power to Blend



So this is the first of my superheroines... Mirage using her primary power. Mirage possesses chameleon-like abilities. Thus her name - now you see her... now you don't. Did you really see her or was it just a trick of the mind? I intend to make an individual picture of each of my supergals doing their thing.

Moss brushes are from [link]

The stonework was painstakingly drawn by hand for the most part, though I did use a Photoshop texture for the base color and the tons of cracks are an artistic fill from PhotoDraw that I majorly tweaked...

***EDIT*** I loved Rosewhip so much I was inspired to go back and make Mirage a little more interesting - the back of her costume is still the same as in the original wallpaper. The original version of this picture is now up in scraps. I also resized this one - I'm going to try to do them all the same dimensions.

***EDIT2*** I suddenly realized that I forgot to dim the glow when I tweaked this picture. Now the glow is dimmed...
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Coolio! I like it! I love how you made her blend in! That is SO neat! And the background is painstakingly GOOD! That is TOO cool! And I LOVE her hair. Absolutely LOVE. AWESOME job!