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A Little Easter Fun



Is it sacreligious to make Vampire fanart for Easter? Oh well, you can't see his teeth... and Jesus knows I'm just playing around!

This is a gift for my friend Sanela. I was going to send her an e-card for Easter, and then I thought that the only manga/anime we're both really into right now is Vampire Knight and then I got this cute idea. So this is her Easter card...

Anyway, Zero is just not into the Easter spirit, and Yuuki wants him to have a little fun. I don't think he'll go for it.

Note: I am NEVER drawing Vampire Knight fanart again. In fact, I'm never drawing Shoujo fanart of any kind again. Too many lines and too much detail! Originally I was going to have them both in school uniform, but by the time I was half done with Yuuki's I knew I could never draw Zero's. Especially not in that pose... so I decided that he wears 'civies' more than she does anyway. Yuuki's hair had better shading in the resolution I worked in, but I'm not redoing it so she'll have to live with barely there highlights.
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