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iNav The Original For Iphone

If you would like iNav please click download. Thank You

So its finally here. This is the final version of iNav. It has some updated features over the other version including:

No Webclips Clicks
New Look
More Clickable Apps Per Page.

Thanks to everyone that downloaded iNav Beta 1.0 and helped it win the Modmyi Theme contest. Hopefully you guys will enjoy this version too.
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Please update this for iPhone 6! :D
Hey bro .....just signed for a premium account .....payed using paypal ,,,nice work up here.... could u send me on email a link with the steps for installing Inav>??? Thank u bro .....u rock
how do you make it so the app icon is not darkened when clicked?
thanks my friend
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It's brilliant INavi
I've sent money to reeco through paypal, will i recieve a downloading link or the file or something? how does it work and i how do i get it?
how do you download?
Thank saol but the download link?
How download this theme??
Can anyone help me please????
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use blanknull cydia app to avoid such problem,

thanks Reeco for a great theme,

u rocks
Reeco.....i love your theme.....very nice work.....i would like to have the green version of inav....where i can get it.....or yet to release?

Thanks for sharing...
um i dont know if this is just me but when i downloaded the .zip there was no readme inside it...
This theme is great. Only one favor to ask. Is it possible to change the msg icon? I guess because of the 3.0 update it is different now? also springboard needs to update or something because it works with this theme but the springboard icons are not spaced out so it is not lined up under the sections at the bottom anymore...

any suggestions? anyone?

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IDK why but I liked the Beta version better, is it still possible for you to offer the download link for it?
Thanks a lot recco great theme I love it but I was wondering if you could help me Im running 3.0 and somehow inav won't give me the text icon. is it because they changed it to messages? If you could please help me correct this my inav will be complete and i will be very grateful will make a donation next week this week not good for me. Thanks again for creating the inav theme. Good work!
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Great theme i never saw anything like that love it !!!

I just have 1 problem the springjump icons dont hide but why
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