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Hi!  I'm Steven "Reece" Friesen, creator of Pax Avalon.  Normally, there'd be a ton of people who work on a project like this (writers, pencillers, inkers, colorists, letterers, etc.), but Pax Avalon was a deeply personal project for me and I wanted to see it through all the way (not to mention that I don't know too many other artists in this field). Here's a little more information about where I'm coming from...

I grew up loving superhero comics almost as much as my Mennonite family loved the way of peace.  I spent my teen years alternating between music and art and joined a Venture Teams International ministry team heading for Venezuela after I graduated from high school.  For the next two years, I travelled the globe, learning more about other cultures and wrestling with how much control my developing worldview would have over my artistic efforts.  It was during this time that I got my nickname, due to a fondness for Reese's peanut butter cups -- but I found "Reece" easier to write quickly.

After VTI, I studied at Columbia Bible College in Abbotsford, BC.  In my second year, I met the beautiful and talented Rachel Bush, and we began a whirlwind courtship that culminated in our marriage a few months later.  After graduation, I worked as a youth pastor in churches in SK and BC, and eventually I took a position as Associate Pastor at Eben-Ezer Mennonite Church in Abbotsford. There I had a fantastic group of mentors who challenged me to deepen my understanding of God's Word and how it guides us into meaningful action. From that struggle, Pax Avalon was born.

I've recently wrapped up a 2-year stint as director of Cross Current Discipleship School (in southern Manitoba) and we've returned to Abbotsford, where I'm teaching theology and art and working for a telecommunications firm: Apex Wireless (one of the pieces I've submitted is a superhero-depiction of my co-workers and I). I'm also at the tail end of a Master's degree at Canadian Mennonite University, but I continue to work on the Pax Avalon series. Rachel and I have four beautiful girls, Abigail, Laureli, Cariana, and Felicity, who love to draw and color as much as their daddy.
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Welcome, welcome! It's nice to meet you! (In that internet sort of way.)
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Nice to meet you! You're in Abby?
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Yessir! Somewhat of a long-term resident of the Valley, is it were.