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Trixie and Speed Racer

This is my usual disclaimer about not knowing which is the appropriate category and hoping this is at least good enough.

So! Totally cool Speed Racer, but my friends were never awake when I found him, so we only have a few pics


I'm glad we got this totally cool picture of the ever-so-famous "jumping-out-of-the-car" scene at the end of the opening sequence.

My top is actually from the 1960's, but it's not exactly the same as Trixie's. It's better than the one I was trying to make from scratch though! I hope I can find a better top to work with, or find matching pink knit fabric to alter this current one.

The pant are modern, which was a pain because all pants are very low cut! So I had to wear a tank top underneath to cover the gap between shirt and pants xD
Pants were hemmed into capris.
(I would have bought actual capris, but I was having a hard time finding red ones, and these pants were on clearance!)

No anal-ess-ness, plz. We're just two FANS having good, clean FUN. We're not anal elitists trying to impress other anal elitists with 'omgaccuracy'. We know how to have fun. That's all we wanted to do.

My 14 year-old cousin took this picture for me and I really appreciate it.
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i'm all for good, clean, fun. u all are awesome.
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that's the smile for the day I've been lookin for!
Very Cool guys
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The fact that Speed and Trixie cosplayers are not 300 Lbs each impresses me the most.
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OMG! Your the trixie from comic con! HI!!!!!!

Its me puppet jack.
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There must be someone who looks a lot like me, because I didn't go to Comic Con :o
This was from Fanime LOL
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OH okay.. BUt still you look alot like her!
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Oh my god, you guys are my heroes.
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CUTE!!!! How cute and what great costumes too!! Yay for having fun cause thats what its all about! ^_^"

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Thanks! :aww:!
Gah, the movie has made me a Speed Racer fangirl all over again LOL
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ROFL!! XDD!!!! But who could resit the old animation and all of those wonderful still frame shots?!?! XDD!! Haven't seen the movie yet was it good??

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I thought the movie was awesome :D
I've seen it twice now. It's a great ode to the classic anime, and watching that cool Mach 5 jumping around is hot! Speed Racer and Taejo are hot, too :)
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ROFL!!!! Anything elese thats currently hot?! XDDD!! Cool-ness I'll have to try and see it then! ^_^"

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You are so cute! I'm going to cosplay as trixie at portconMaine this year, it should be really fun! :)
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Can't wait to see your Trixie cosplay!
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Lol, nice photo! You did an awesome cosplay with this one too. ^^
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Thank you! :D
It was basically thrown together heehee
But it's fun to wear 'cause I love the colors ^_^
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Looks fun, too!! xD
I think I'll cosplay Shiki at Expo. :3 You goin' to that?
redxdestiny's avatar
No :(
Fanime was like, the con of the year for me. I went to AX the last couple of years though.
Do you mean the Shiki from "The World Ends with You" or another Shiki ( did a google search, I don't keep up with a lot of anime lol ^^; ), either way I hope you post pictures!
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Yeah, that Shiki!! ^^
It looks like fun. ^_^
It's also not an anime, it's a video game for DS. Really fun. :)
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Shawna you look totally awesome! I :heart: Speed Racer!
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Thank you ^___________^!
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