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:iconredwolfless:Redwolfless posted a status
Book Titles~ Just so you know all the books have been planned out and have titles so yay? Anyway here they are... Some of the names may be changed...

Book One: Unraveling The Past
Book Two: Restoring Hope
Book Three: Along Came Ari
Book Four: Archen's Return
Book Five: Khar's Might
Book Six: Tarue Awakens
Book Seven: White Shadows
Book Eight: Vengeance With A Spice Of Revenge
Book Nine: Darkest Beings
Book Ten: The New Demon King
Book Eleven: A Twist In Fate
Book Twelve: Defeating Dakota
Book Thirteen: A Twist In Time

And the last which is not really confirmed, I may not make it unless I get permission to use a character that belongs to 

Book Fourteen: An Aisher Of A Meeting

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