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:iconredwolfless:Redwolfless posted a status
Chapter Five Sneak peak o3o Don't read if you don't like spoilers bro :P  

Those fiery red eyes. That midnight coat. His expression, his posture. All taken to a dominant attitude. And for what? Jade. It was all for Jade, the first one to show compassion to the young cub. It seemed like decades since someone had showed such an emotion to him. Feel sorry for him. That was reason enough for Dakota to stand with Jade, despite the odds. And his one action just now sealed their bond, their friendship. Red eyes turned from those green that rivaled his own, coming back to what seemed like the leader; Grim. That growling turned into a full blown roar of nothing but white venomous rage. It shook the earth. It made ears bleed. It made them scared. Some ran, others hid. Few stayed. And in all that once large hoard surrounding them was thinned out like sheep being ravaged by a starving wolf. Habit struck again that day, the ever shaking of Dakota’s head, proving he was annoyed. No. He was pissed, furious, and much more. Head and neck held into a proud arch like a stallion. That roar had caused even the mighty Grim to stumble back, looking around to see his comrades fleeing, hiding, while some stayed huddled together. Weapons drawn. Teeth bared. Friends now foes.

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