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:iconredwolfless:Redwolfless posted a status
Remember the Dakotian skeleton Line art? Heres a little more about Dakotian tradition and Skeletons. Dakotians that did great deeds worthy of honor or are royalty will have their remains (Skeletons) Displayed in a great hall so every generation may look upon them and remember them. Some say great Dakotian's skeletons still contain energy and sometimes will light up and glow with aurora. Some also say the Skeletons refuse to stay dead and may move on rare occasions usually if the spirit is troubled or warning danger, but this only happens about 3% out of 100. Spirits can posses Skeletons to use as bodies in the real world, but evil spirits steal live creatures bodies. The skeletons are a dark color while the being is still living, but when dead they turn white just like the eyes when the soul leaves the body. They are almost impossible to break, with the exemption of other Dakotians. Their bodies decay a lot faster but the bones don't. Dakotians can also live for a long time, depending on what kind they are, but The Heaven and Shadow Dakotian can live up to an eon if they aren't killed of anything besides old age. Other species would last a couple thousand if they died of old age. The Rapido dakotians only live to about 800 years old, they have one of the shortest life spans. Dakotian Skeleton by Redwolfless

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