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:iconredwolfless:Redwolfless posted a status
I'm feeling bored and I need some Ideas, Im thinking of making a few new breeds of dakotians, I will draw the ones that already exist, If you have any ideas for a new one let me know! Each time I draw and post them you will get credit for them besides me drawing it. And I will do my best to give my watchers a link to your account on each drawing I post of that breed. Yay! Also more dragons from wings of fire will be coming soon!

I will draw each breed and a ref for them when i get a chance.
Breeds of dakotians:
1.Golden Horned (most common breed)
2. Rattleback (Almost extinct, 2 left both male. Closest to the dragon)
3. Rapido dakotian (flightless, can glide. Very fast)
4.Vampire Dakotian(extinct, few can morph into them)
5. Wolf dakotian (second most common, closest to the wolf)
6.Bull Horn dakotian (somewhat uncommon, short tempered)
7.Shadow Dakotian (only one exists at a time, considered a separate breed even if the parents aren't the same)
8.Heaven Dakotian (same apply as the shadow dakotian)
9.Hybrids (mixes of different breed that produce unique half breeds, normally have both abilities as their parents, few have none or 1)

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