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:iconredwolfless:Redwolfless posted a status
Hey Have any useful tips or tricks for drawing? Please let me know I would love to try them. For those who wonder the process i use to do my artwork here ya go!    1. I get an idea, put some music on for how I want to feel while drawing (this helps me a lot)
2. Draw a circle/shape any where on the page and work out the shape of the head
3.Draw the neck down to around where the shoulders are.
4.draw the facial expressions such as nose, eyes, all that stuff!
5.Draw any other stuff on the head (horns, earnings, ect)
6.Draw the chest/shoulder/wings then work on the legs
7. draw the abdomen along with the membrane of the wings
8.Back legs and butt come next.
9. Now the tail ( for some reason I ALWAYS draw the tail last xD)
10. Finally I clean it up then work out outlining the project to give it a clean look.
11. Now the coloring (by this time I have taken all day to make something that is worth while)
12. UPLOAD! Yay

Well that is how I do it!

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