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:iconredwolfless:Redwolfless posted a status
Rough draft script for a new animatic o3o 


  1. Since you refuse to free my people

  2. All through the land of egypt


Slide 1: I send a pestilence and plague

Slide 2: Into your house,

Slide 3: Into your bed,

Slide 4: Into your streams,

Slide 5: Into your streets,

Slide 6: Into your drink,

Slide 7: Into your bread,

Slide 8: Upon your cattle,

Slide 9: On your sheep,

Slide 10: Upon your oxen,

Slide 11: In your field,

Slide 12: Until you break,

Slide 13: Until you yield,

Slide 14: I send the swarm,

Slide 15: I send the horde

Slide 16: Thus saith the Lord...

Slide 17: Once I called you brother

Slide 18: Once I though the chance to make you laugh,

Slide 19: Was all I ever wanted...

Slide 20: I send the thunder from the sky

Slide 21: I send the fire raining down

Slide 22: And even now,

Slide 23: I wish that god,

Slide 25: Had chose another

Slide 26: Serving as your foe on his behalf

Slide 27: Is the last thing that I wanted

Slide 28: I send a hail of burning ice

Slide 29: On every field,

Slide 30: On every town,

Slide 31: This was my home

Slide 32: All this pain and devastation

Slide 33: How it tortures me inside

Slide 34: All the innocent who suffer

Slide 35: From your stubbornness and pride!

Slide 36: I send the locusts on a wind

Slide 37: Such as the world has never seen

Slide 38: On every leaf,

Slide 39: On every stalk,

Slide 40: Until there’s nothing left of green

Slide 41: I send my scourge,

Slide 42: I send my sword,

Slide 43: Thus saith the Lord!

Slide 44: You who I called brother,

Slide 45: Why must you call,

Slide 46: Down another blow?

Slide 47: I send my scourge,

Slide 48: I send my sword,

Slide 49: Let me people go...

Slide 50: Thus saith the Lord

Slide 51: Thus saith the Lord

Slide 52: You who I called brother,

Slide 53: How could you have come to hate me so?

Slide 54: Is this what you wanted?

Slide 55: I send the swarm,

Slide 56: I send the horde,

Slide 57: Then let my heart be hardened

Slide 58: And never mind how high the cost may grow

Slide 59: This will still be so,

Slide 60: I will never let,

Slide 61: Your,

Slide 62: People go,

Slide 63: Thus saith the Lord

Slide 64: Thus saith the Lord

Slide 65: I will not

Slide 66: Let your (my)

Slide 67: People

Slide 68: GO…!

Fillers will be added to some of the parts, like where the music plays without voices or just in spots between that could use them.

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