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If you ever find yourself having to fight Dakota, know your  enemy hehe
Here you will learn how he fights and what his skills and weaknesses are!


Fighting Style: Defensive up close evasive actions.Will change into offensive when the enemy tires. Uses Ki attacks in shadow form, but only to help with up close attacks, rarely ever uses long range. Uses tricking methods in shadow form. On rare occasions(if the enemy is of dire threat) he will start out as extremely aggressive offense attacks with powerful fatal blows. Faster and does less damage in shadow  form. Strong and slower attacks in his normal form. Dakota prefers to wait then strike when the time is perfect. Handles pain pretty well, use annoying quips to throw his composure off, using family or friends as a hostiage work as well if not better. Keep distance and use long ranged attacks, Dakota will try to close he gap, you must keep the gap large or the fight will be in his favor. Fight in the air if possible, Dakota is much less experience in air combat. Stay away from head and wings, go for the tail, do not let your eyesight off of him when the tail is wide open, it is most likely a trick.

Hearing-His hearing his his best skill, his ears are very powerful, allowing him to pick up the slightest sound. Dakota will use this a lot, he mainly relies on this sense and this sense alone, giving him the ability to use his hearing to detect vibrations, so he doesn't need his eyes. Tips: Ears are sensitive,high pitched noises can distract and disorent him. His ears are weak to the touch. use light and weak attacks to refrain from too much noise, stealth will be your best friend
Smell-Dakota cannot smell, his noise is completly useless other than breathing through it. Tips: Stay downwind of him, trying to confuse him with intense smells will not work.
Sight-His sight is horrible, but it is also movement based,so even if its blurry and something moves he will know of it, just not the exact location. He is very observant but refrains on using it too much. Tips: Remain still and at a far distance, keep out of his line of sight.
Touch-Dakota is not very sensitive when it comes to touch, giving him a pretty good pain tolerance. His fur and hide are thick giving him a good advantage. Tips: if possible use deep and strong attacks, many injuries will be required to get him to start to feel weak.

Stamina-His stamina is his best physical quaility. He can battle and exersise for hours at a time without slowing down or tiring. Tips: Best to refrain from using too much stamina, do not attack him, he will get unpactient and attack you instead, this will give you the oppertunity to attack. Rinse and repeat if he falls for it, but that won't work forever, use his weaknesses against him in your favor.
Strength-Dakota's strength is impressive, it helps with his stamina. His powerful blows are very bad news if your caught in the crossfire, however he always restrains himself from doing too much damage. Tips: better to be faster than him in his normal form, keep away from wings,head and back legs.
Intelligence-He has a slightly above intelligence when it comes to technology or common knownledge, he can sometimes have trouble rememering your skills and weaknesses. He adapts fast once he catches on, but his intelligence is more on dakotian culture and fighting styles for his own use, though he forgets many, he will remember if it interests him or benifets him for long term. Tips: Know your enemy well, being smarter than him will give you the advantage but not for long once he catches on to your fighting style.
Flying-This skill is just below average for him, he uses his wings for fighting and balance. Tips: Use flight in battle, keep long distance too.
Ki Power-He has great ki power, but prefers not to use it, however if he does it won't be long range, he will use it to strengthen his quick and slow attacks. Tips: Use long range and stay away from him in close combat.
Shadow Dakotian Form-This is something he inheirited, and something he was blessed/cursed with. He prefers not to use this form as it is easy to loose control, and he must use most of his ki power to keep himself from that. Dakota becomes leaner and faster, and his flight will increase, dense forests will be his friend in this. His attacks become slightly weaker but his ki power increases tremendously, sitll he will use close combat. Tips:Try not to fight him in this form, avoid close combat and use ariel in open places,long ranged attacks as well.

Preferred Melee Attacks:
Wing Attacks-Uses them in close range, do not charge head on, he uses them to knock his enemy off balance, also uses them to land striking fast blows, sometimes in a sweep or spin. Tips: He is wide open once he is almost donw with the sweep/spin attack, Attack from.
Tail Attacks-Often used as a distraction(since tails are a weak point) or to grip things. Tips: Do not go for the tail at close range, use distance attacks, go for the tail tip not the base of his tail. Do not fall for this destration, he often uses it when your in front of him. He will let his tail wide around, do not turn around after it, this will leave your tail and yourself open for a close ranged attack that could often the deciding move of a battle.
Tooth and Claw-Jaws are very powerful, thick jaw muscles and a wide head with large teeth can be devistating if caught in the cross fire. Claws are medium sized, not too dangerous, used for defense in swatting you away or for a fast attack, they do not leave deep wounds. Tips: Avoid attacking head on, try arial combat tactics and attack from above. Best to try from behind or above. Hind legs are more powerful than front legs. If given the chance to attack the front legs do it, they are weaker and could cause him to colpase, but make sure his hind legs are busy to avoid him rearing up.
Horn Attacks- He rarely will use this, althought his ramming skills are undesiplened his horns are powerful enough to send you flying back a few feet. Tips: Avoid ramming him back unless you have greater power in this, when he is charging dodge and attack, but he will recover quickly so dodge the first attack after the ramming then attack.

Preferred Ki Attacks:
Iron Rage-This attack can only  be preformed while in his normal form. This attack will make him invincible for exactly 15 seconds and he will be as strong as Iron, his whole body will light up in white/silver.He will become stronger and faster. But he can only use it when you have his blood on you or this attack will fail and take its recoil damage instead. After the 15 seconds he becomes incompacitated, unable to defend himself as he gets hurt by this attack. He will use most of the time to attack, using the last few seconds to move away. The side effects will last for about 10 seconds and takes a good amount of concentration and ki to preform. Tips: Keep away and try to prevent him from using this attack by distracting him. Attack afterwards when he is dealing with the side effects.
Blood Rage-A step up from Iron Rage,this attack can only be preformed in his shadow form, but it requires double the effort to use it, this attack will last for 30 seconds, and he will have the same side effects as Iron Rage but it will be doubled. 20 seconds will be needed for him to fully recover. This attack is very obvious when he begins to use it, his whole body will turn a glowing red. He only uses this as a last ditch effort before he crumbles, this attack saves him a lot. Tips: Same as Iron Rage, this attack is very strong so try to stay away.
Last Resort-This attack is a go to plan if everything else fails. It acts like a tsunami of energy which is hard to see, it resembles appearence that of a sonic boom. This attack will sweep within a 15 mile radius, and will return like a boomerrank. Dakota will loose a lot of strength when launching this, and it will return withing seconds. If Dakota is still within it's attack range he will get hurt as well. This attack is very tall and as it is used it retains is cicular curve as its launched. Since this attack is basically like a nuke Dakota hates to use it, only if he is going to die. Tips: Use arial evasive skills to avoid this attack, you need to be fast to avoid it with it's speed. Once out of the way try to prevent Dakota from escaping its reach, he will get hurt badly, but watch out as it returns.
Gyro Blast-A common ki attack, this ball of energy crackles with elctric waves, the color of this sphere will be determined on the users Ki/aura. Dakota will use this in close range, and instead of throwing it he will  pin you down and bite you while he still has it between his jaws. Tips: keep distance, but he might throw it then, still would be easier to dodge

Neck-the back of his neck is where most of his nerves are, slicing his nape could cause temorary confusion and imobalize him for a bit until it heals. The muscles protecting it may make it hard.Tips: Try to go for his nape when he is busy or distracted, also make sure to keep your nape safe if you are a dakotian, this is a general weakspot
Tail-The tail like all dakotians is a weakness, the base of their tails will not have as much of an effect, go for thr tailtip. If the tail is cut off they will  grow back.. eventually.
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Submitted on
October 27, 2016