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I have too many pets.... like 17 animals..... too many.

Skylar was inspired by my brother who also shares the same name.... and in human form they look somewhat alike.

Dakota was inspired after me when I was much younger than I am now, like around 5 years old/

Dakotians were made to to help me with stress of my earlier years. I used to daydream 8 hours a day about them, which is why I have so much story line (books) to type out.

The shadow dakotian form used to be all back with red or white glowing eyes. No red wings, or claws, nothing of that sorta, but it all changed and the old form is now what Dakota looks like when he has heaven dakotian power restraining him, that form is known as the Angel of Darkness and when I'm further into book one you'll find out why its called that.

There used to be only one kind of dakotian, and that was the golden horned dakotian, then wolf dakotian came, then bull, rapido,vampire,rattleback,windseeker, diamond fang and ect. In that  order :D

Dakota's name came from south and north dakota (you know the states.)

Dakotians used to not have their own world.

Jade was not created until I came up with the backstory of Dakota

Noren,Geldur,Nash and Cole were created to act as fillers for the story line, so it wasn't too short and boring/repetitive.

There is a character called Blitz that will be coming soon in later chapters, He is a wolf dakotian.

Dakota and Skylar have been greatly nurfed to better fit the story (meaning they were op as fuck (over powered) ) I mean seriously they could destroy the freaking world if they wanted too. When they fought each other they leveled everything within hundreds of miles I mean Jesus.

Ari is Dakota's right hand man in everything, even if Ari is an annoying little fart cake.

Kamber is a genius but doesn't show it, also he is a brat.

Diamond Fang's are super rare and can be born from any species, they are born every few decades and don't last long usually.

Diamond Fang's are the only dakotian variant that can actually steal a shadow or heaven dakotians power as well as become them.

Tarmine is a hybrid between a bull horn and a species not yet released.

It was Salv that caused all the events of dakotians that have happened, such as the war, birth of the royal family (heaven and shadow dakotians), Extinction of vampire dakotians, near extinction of rattleback dakotians and ect. So yeah even if he meant good he did a bad xD.

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Submitted on
February 1, 2017