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Here are some strange and terrifying diseases and Illnesses that Dakotians can contract!!!

Jakarta Plague: A rare disease that comes from dead Dakotian's that have recently been infected from a bacteria called Jakartanis. Symptoms include: Muscle loss,Ravinonus appetite, and extreme nightmares that will not allow the subject to sleep. Symptoms may not appear until a few days. Infected Dakotian's act like no one is there and may not see anyone at all. They will die within 3 weeks of being infected or less. It will attack the brain in it's final stage disable movement and bowl functions.

Red Blight Flu: This is a gene Disease that can come from your parents or you could just randomly get it. Red Blight Flu is named because of the symptoms : Red inflamed eyes and throat. Stiff joints, Irritation to the color red. Loss of fur. The need to scratch your fur off. This can be cured and it can be gotten rid of, although it is not very deadly it can still kill a Dakotian if not treated, it would last a couple of months till the victim just goes nuts

Deteriorating Cardiovascular: A Heart Disease that is quite uncommon and very hard to treat. It however cannot be cured but treated with medicine. A Dakotian may experience that of a heart attack but it will not kill them as quickly. The attack would last a couple of days before it's victim died a horrible painful death. Muscle Spasms, Loss of mobility. Unconsciousness may happen depending how the pain tolerance of the victim is. Anti bodies will attack the heart which is not helpful and is deadly. Blood cells stop carrying oxygen after 6 to 8 hours of pain. A coma will happen if treated with the medicine (Dakota actually gets this in his mid life years but survives)
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Submitted on
June 10, 2016