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    Elidora never knew much besides to avoid humans, they were bad, confusing, and most of all greedy. Elidora lived in the high lands of the new world, from rocky terrain to the flats by the rivers and lakes. She was a mustang, a beautiful creature, like the sun had given the world its child. From her black and white mane, to her all black tail. Her hazel and green eyes, from her buckskin color and pinto markings, to her wide star on her head. Her name had to do with the sun, as sun warrior or sun dancer, She was both, her attitude was feisty, bold, and graceful. She was too proud and cocky for her own good. Her herd was nearby, a valley they’d spend a few days at, the closest location her herd visits to the humans. Elidora snuck off, she knew that when she got back the herd, especially, the stallion Bruce wouldn’t be happy, infact far from it. She was along the edge of the cliff overlooking a long dirt road and a few distant humans structures they seemed to build so much. Then it started to rain, heavily, she brought herself to a quick paced canter, almost a gallop. Elidora followed down the road under the cover of a few trees whenever she could. Now from a canter to a slow walk she came to the nearest structure, it was a bright warm red almost a brown red, It was warm in there, and smelled like animals, the rain covered up most of the other scents. Elidora came in slowly sniffing everything that interested her. There were walls, made of trees like the exterior, she came closer sniffing it and licking the metal object that was bolted to the wall. Just then a horse head popped up and gave a frightened squeal and reared up. Elidora herself reared up and she stepped back, her mane flying everywhere, unleashing water droplets that were caught inside. Other animals such as one goat, two other horses and a cow and calf arose from the other box like cages. The horse that had reacted gave a snort as he stared at the wild mare that had come in, He was a red bay almost chestnut, his mane the same color and 2 socks in the front, dark brown eyes, and a blaze on his face. The red stallion was much larger than Elidora, he was maybe 5 or perhaps 6, definitely not a Mustang, maybe a quarter or standardbred mix. Elidora was only 2, she was a little small compared to the red stallion, she came closer to him, with no more fear or fright. The stallion leaned his head down and gave a small nicker snort as he sniffed her. Elidora let out a loud snort in response, and without warning gave a bite as the stallion came too close, her ears pinned as she stepped away farther into the building. She came to a stop by the cow and calf in the pen, she bent down in the pile of hay almost hidden by the cow pen, She gently laid down tucking her front legs under her chest and her hind out to the side.

    The next morning came quickly, the rain had stopped, and was almost gone from the puddles outside. Elidora awoke to the noise of all the animals in the building, their noises became annoying, she got up quickly as voices became clear and louder. Whatever it was they were coming this way. Elidora shook herself off and came to the middle of the building. Two men came in and one dropped a bucket full of grain as he fell over. The other lunged for the stall gates parallel to each other. He yelled something that made no sense to Elidora. “Hey go get some rope son!” The younger human quickly got up and ran off around to a smaller version of the barn. Elidora backed up to the wall as the man who stayed blocked the exit with the stall doors parallel to one another. Elidora paced around anxiously, she had made a mistake to stay here, and she was going to pay the price full in capture. She gave worried and cautious whinnies, she had never been this close to a human, she slammed her hooves into the ground in a fit of anger. The older man, he looked in his 30’s, light brown hair, blue eyes, sun baked skin, tall, and from the looks of it definitely has some scars from horses on his body. The man cautiously as quickly tacked up two horses, Elidora panicked, what was he doing, her mind was confused and she acted on fear, and charged at the gate, the younger man, a boy, with dark brown hair and gray blue eyes, came running in with some rope, he started swinging it in her direction. Elidora came to a quick stop and bolted back to the back of the barn, she started to get more panicked, there was only one way out, the barrier of stall doors they used to almost to her shoulder, and the long object they could use to snag her or even hurt her. “That's a beautiful horse papa, Think we can get a good price?” The boy whispered. The older man as almost twice as tall as the kid. “Hell yeah, she’s ours now. No way she can escape unless she dares to jump. Get ready with the horses Axel.” The man said in a deep voice. Elidora couldn’t wait any longer, she had to do something. Axel hopped on his horse readying a rope with a heavily tied knot on it. Elidora charged, then stopped and ran back as a rope flew past her head, just missing her. Elidora faltered a bit then took a leap as Axel was pulling his rope back for another go. Axel then yelled “Lookout! Dad she’s making a break for it!” Elidora barely nicked the top of the gate as she just managed to make it over safely. Axel’s father quickly hopped up on his horse and gathered his rope. “C’mon Axel or she’ll get away!” he yelled.
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Submitted on
April 22, 2016