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    Elidora never knew much besides to avoid humans, they were bad, confusing, and most of all greedy. Elidora lived in the high lands of the new world, from rocky terrain to the flats by the rivers and lakes. She was a mustang, a beautiful creature, like the sun had given the world its child. From her black and white mane, to her all black tail. Her hazel and green eyes, from her buckskin color and pinto markings, to her wide star on her head. Her name had to do with the sun, as sun warrior or sun dancer, She was both, her attitude was feisty, bold, and graceful. She was too proud and cocky for her own good. Her herd was nearby, a valley they’d spend a few days at, the closest location her herd visits to the humans. Elidora snuck off, she knew that when she got back the herd, especially, the stallion Bruce wouldn’t be happy, infact far from it. She was along the edge of the cliff overlooking a long dirt road and a few distant humans structures they seemed to build so much. Then it started to rain, heavily, she brought herself to a quick paced canter, almost a gallop. Elidora followed down the road under the cover of a few trees whenever she could. Now from a canter to a slow walk she came to the nearest structure, it was a bright warm red almost a brown red, It was warm in there, and smelled like animals, the rain covered up most of the other scents. Elidora came in slowly sniffing everything that interested her. There were walls, made of trees like the exterior, she came closer sniffing it and licking the metal object that was bolted to the wall. Just then a horse head popped up and gave a frightened squeal and reared up. Elidora herself reared up and she stepped back, her mane flying everywhere, unleashing water droplets that were caught inside. Other animals such as one goat, two other horses and a cow and calf arose from the other box like cages. The horse that had reacted gave a snort as he stared at the wild mare that had come in, He was a red bay almost chestnut, his mane the same color and 2 socks in the front, dark brown eyes, and a blaze on his face. The red stallion was much larger than Elidora, he was maybe 5 or perhaps 6, definitely not a Mustang, maybe a quarter or standardbred mix. Elidora was only 2, she was a little small compared to the red stallion, she came closer to him, with no more fear or fright. The stallion leaned his head down and gave a small nicker snort as he sniffed her. Elidora let out a loud snort in response, and without warning gave a bite as the stallion came too close, her ears pinned as she stepped away farther into the building. She came to a stop by the cow and calf in the pen, she bent down in the pile of hay almost hidden by the cow pen, She gently laid down tucking her front legs under her chest and her hind out to the side.

    The next morning came quickly, the rain had stopped, and was almost gone from the puddles outside. Elidora awoke to the noise of all the animals in the building, their noises became annoying, she got up quickly as voices became clear and louder. Whatever it was they were coming this way. Elidora shook herself off and came to the middle of the building. Two men came in and one dropped a bucket full of grain as he fell over. The other lunged for the stall gates parallel to each other. He yelled something that made no sense to Elidora. “Hey go get some rope son!” The younger human quickly got up and ran off around to a smaller version of the barn. Elidora backed up to the wall as the man who stayed blocked the exit with the stall doors parallel to one another. Elidora paced around anxiously, she had made a mistake to stay here, and she was going to pay the price full in capture. She gave worried and cautious whinnies, she had never been this close to a human, she slammed her hooves into the ground in a fit of anger. The older man, he looked in his 30’s, light brown hair, blue eyes, sun baked skin, tall, and from the looks of it definitely has some scars from horses on his body. The man cautiously as quickly tacked up two horses, Elidora panicked, what was he doing, her mind was confused and she acted on fear, and charged at the gate, the younger man, a boy, with dark brown hair and gray blue eyes, came running in with some rope, he started swinging it in her direction. Elidora came to a quick stop and bolted back to the back of the barn, she started to get more panicked, there was only one way out, the barrier of stall doors they used to almost to her shoulder, and the long object they could use to snag her or even hurt her. “That's a beautiful horse papa, Think we can get a good price?” The boy whispered. The older man as almost twice as tall as the kid. “Hell yeah, she’s ours now. No way she can escape unless she dares to jump. Get ready with the horses Axel.” The man said in a deep voice. Elidora couldn’t wait any longer, she had to do something. Axel hopped on his horse readying a rope with a heavily tied knot on it. Elidora charged, then stopped and ran back as a rope flew past her head, just missing her. Elidora faltered a bit then took a leap as Axel was pulling his rope back for another go. Axel then yelled “Lookout! Dad she’s making a break for it!” Elidora barely nicked the top of the gate as she just managed to make it over safely. Axel’s father quickly hopped up on his horse and gathered his rope. “C’mon Axel or she’ll get away!” he yelled.


     As Elidora charged out and around the barn, she was soon followed by Axel and what seemed to be his father. Axel followed behind his dad on a dark brown seal colt that looked just around Elidora’s age, the colt had a dapple pattern in his coat, a white sock on his left front leg and a stripe on his head. Just ahead of the colt and Axel was the older man, whom was on the liver red chestnut stallion. The Red stallion was quite fast and was gaining on Elidora at a steady pace. As they got closer Elidora leaped up a small slope and into a rocky field. A smart move on her part, most tamed horses don’t move around much on this rocky uneven ground as wild born horses did. Her pursuers had to go around the rocky field. As she came up upon the end of the field Elidora took another shortcut which was hard to access from the way around the rocky terrain, it was a dirt road going up towards the nearest cliff of the mountain side. Axel on the dark seal brown colt came first as the older red stallion had a harder time up the cliff. Elidora pinned her ears backward listening to the sound of the rope swinging in the air. Pretty soon she could only hear Axel, but where did the other two legged go, she tilted her head back eyeing behind her, he definitely wasn’t there and that made Elidora uneasy. A sharp turn in between the rocky hillside cliffs was coming up, that path lead into a large valley surrounded by cliffs and hills where her herd spent most of their time there. Elidora slowed her pace down to round the turn, Axel was catching up now, he didn’t see what was coming up neither did his steed. As Elidora rounded the turn Axel threw his rope just catching part of her black and white flowing mane before sliding off. The colt came to a quick and scary sudden stop just a few inches away from the wall of rock. Elidora stopped starting to feel winded, she was almost back by now, to the safety of the herd. She broke into a canter, looking back every now and then, Axel had seemed to given up after the close call he and the colt had almost run into. She halted for a few seconds looking around, It was very quiet, even for the forest. Elidora came to a slow walk looking around everywhere. From where she was, she should be able to hear the herd or a few birds chirping their brains off. As the valley became more visible, she could see now that the herd infact wasn’t there. It was at that moment that Elidora realized they moved while she was still out, perhaps to the other grazing fields, but that was more or less a mile away. Even worse she had no Idea where the humans are or went. For all she knew they could still be around waiting for her to make a mistake. She took careful steps as she entered the open field surrounded by cliff walls, every so now and then she would stop, sniff and look around before moving on. There was still no sign of them, and Elidora knew they couldn't have lost her, maybe they wanted to find her herd, maybe they wanted to rest or get the drop on her. It wasn't long before Elidora found evidence of her herd and where they went, the scent was fresh so they must be close or on their way to the other grazing grounds. Elidora forced her tired self into a quick trot, her legs swiftly moving back and forth in a graceful pattern, her mane and tail flagging as she trotted. Just then something moved above the cliff walls in the brush, Elidora immediately stopped, her gaze set up where the movement was first spotted, but it seems like it was never there, everything natural and quiet, soothing and peaceful. She started moving on again, this time into a fast canter, her nostrils flaring in and out as she breathed and smelled the air against her face, it was blowing towards her, which made it harder to tell if her welcomed guests where still lurking around. As she started to slow down, she realized that she was very tired, and that made her very nervous, she could tell they must be close, she kept seeing something moving in the trees around the corner of her eyes.
  Elidora continued on for about 8 minutes before catching a glimpse of her herd, she set her eyes behind her looking around and catching a glimpse of the dapple seal brown colt and the boy Axel, still the older man and the red stallion were no where to be seen. As she set her gaze back on her herd Bruce was already on his way, he wore a angry displeased face as he strutted his way to her, making himself look bigger then he really was, and he was a large draft like mustang. Bruce's coat was like a steel blue black, with a white marking on his belly, 4 white socks, large hooves draped with feathers on his feet. His mane and tail blended in with his coat, they were only visible when he moved with them flying back and forth each pace and step he took. Elidora lowered her neck and head down submissively she knew she had done bad by leaving and not coming back in time, she turned to her side in a friendly manner hoping that he would not notice her expression. Bruce came to a walk, his ears pinned and his neck arched, as he came within a few inches of her shoulder and neck, he stopped letting out angry grunts and squeals. He came in biting at her side and pushing her towards the herd, not letting her stop even for a second. A cream maned palomino pinto mare with soft brown eyes was standing more to the outskirts of the herd closest to Bruce and Elidora. It was Elidora's mother the lead mare, she was known as Nila. As Elidora got pushed closer Bruce seemed to stop and went back to his post on a hill. Nila came closer coming up to Elidora's side and nudging her affectionately and nipping her mane. Elidora gave a few sad nickers as if Nila was trying to cheer her up from her father's reaction. Elidora had forgotten the threat that had followed her this way and began to relax her tired sore muscles, she defiantly wasn't going on another adventure for a while. Nila gave Elidora some space as she started to nod off into a sleep stand. It was about 20 minutes before Elidora awoke to the yells of man and the squeal of horses, Everything was a mess horses running  everywhere trying to escape from the walled in valley, men following close after them, and worse the exit had been blocked with tree logs stacked together. There were more men then before at least 8 of them instead of 2 and at that moment Elidora realized the man on the red stallion had gone back for help, and had used her to lead them to the herd. Her legs began to shake as she realized it was all her fault. She turned her head to see the red stallion and his master narrowing in on Elidora, and the seal dapple brown colt was close by behind her. Both had their ropes ready and both wore smirks on their faces. Elidora didn't have much time to react when they charged her, she run up not knowing where to go right into a rope as it slipped over her head and tightened around her neck. Her breath suddenly felt lost as she stumbled when the rope hit, it winded her, she  got up  as quickly as her legs wobbled and ached. Axel had now thrown a rope on her neck as well, both tight and constricting, Elidora struggled fiercely rearing up and tangling the two ropes together, she could feel the ropes getting shorter and closing in on her, her mind flashed was this it? Was this her last taste of freedom? Her last day as a wild horse living where ever she wanted to was about to end forever. Just then Bruce charged into the red stallion, the man yelling in pain as he fell off as the red stallion stumbled to his knees. Elidora twisted her head sideways as she reared up, the rope beginning to slip off as Axel tugged hard on his rope that was still tangled in the other. Bruce left suddenly running towards Nila whom was in deep trouble, 3 men had subdued her. Elidora had gotten both the ropes off by the time Axel was readying his rope again and the red stallion had gotten back up and the man on his back. She broke into a gallop trying to find another way out besides the exit which was blocked. As she rounded to turn back around a gun was fired, her eyes frantically looking around to see what had happened. Then she spotted 2 shapes on the ground, one was a man, whom was dead with wounds that looked like Bruce's work, and the other.... Was Bruce, with a rifle wound in his chest. They had killed him, a life for an life or how ever that saying goes. Everything seemed to freeze and at that moment Elidora seemed to cry, it was like the whole world was changing, now the language of man was un-readable and the noises of the animals and horses became understandable. Elidora seemed to speak in what used to sound like whinnies and grunts was now translated. "W-why.. why would they do t-this!" Elidora's voice spoke for the first time as she fell to the ground. Her eyes closed and tears poured, she laid there even when she became surrounded by the men as her fellow herd members were rounded up with only a few left to escape. It seemed like Elidora had given up. Her mother had gotten free from Bruce's help before he had gotten killed, she was one of the lucky ones to escape, her eyes gazing back as she and a few of the horses escaped the valley...
  Elidora struggled all she could but it wasn't helping, it just made her even more tired and angry, every time she stopped she would hear a yell and the crackle of a whip against her hide. Almost the entire herd was caught, and will be broken and sold to who ever needs a horse. It wasn't fair Elidora kept thinking over and over in her mind. After an 45 minutes of struggling and being shoved all the way back to the humans' village Elidora finally said something to the red stallion. "Whats going to happen to all of us?" she asked politely. The red stallion took a minute to respond. "Eh... Most of you will be broken sold or kept and some of you will go to the rodeo for entertainment." Elidora thought for a moment then said "Elidora." The red stallion looked confused and said "hmm?" "That's my name stupid." She said less shaky as the conversation was helping her cope. "Oh... ok.Yeah... u-um Red. yeah thats me." Red said nervously. "Oh woooow wee I wouldn't have been able to guess." Elidora teased. As their conversation got better another mare that was just behind Elidora named Meska blurted out "HEY, Elidora don't talk to any of them their the traitors. THEY helped steal us from our home!" Elidora looked back and kicked Meska in the chest, Meska did not like that at all. Meska has always been grumpy and short tempered. Red looked concerned as Elidora got punished for that and so did Meska. "Don't mind her, she is always in a bad mood." Elidora whispered. Red seemed to smile at that then said "Oh guess I know who will get sent to the rodeo first. Grumps like her make good rodeo horses." He whispered back. Elidora gave a smile, but then thought back of what happened to bruce, she slowed down and quit talking. Red looks back with a wince and said "Sorry about what happened, I didn't except that any of you would get killed, thats what they do, an eye for an eye." Elidora looks away and said harshly "More like a life for a life." Their conversation was getting worse by the minute, luckily their stop was upon them now and they turned down towards the barn that had started it all. Only Axel, his father, Red, Axel's horse, and Meska turned down the dirt road of the barn, house, and pens. The man halted to a stop on Red and looked back as another man said "You taking those beauties Zander?" Elidora and Meska became frusterated that they stopped, they both wanted their life to end quickly out of this mess, more so Meska. Zander shouted back. "Yeah, We get the best don't we, after all Axel and I found the herd, so don't try to worm your way to the better ones you old coot." Axel turned around and said: Cya Nester, say hi to Abby for me!" Elidora looked back watching her friends and family leave to what ever fate they would face, but was yanked by the rope around her neck and a yell from Zander. They continued to be lead into a small enclosure, with high fencing. It must of been built that way on purpose because they seemed to own a lot of land, high walls and small space to run around, perhaps to keep horses from escaping. Meska was let into the same pen, and it was a cozy fit, a small hay pile, a water trough, a shelter/hanger of shade above part of it. Axel took the reins of Red for Zander as he locked the gate and checked the barrier that kept their new horses. The colt gave a smirked look to Elidora and Meska and simply said "Hey lovelies, got room for one more, my names Jet and you two are a beautiful sight." Meska rolled her eyes, and Elidora just ignored him, she was still sad about what had happened and it was all her fault. Jet seems more determined now then before "Oh Elidora was it, yeah, that was some escape you made before this morning, Thanks to you I got two new mares and a great day of exercise." Red gave a harsh glare "Not now Jet leave them be." Meska perked her head up. "It was you who lead them to us, HOW could you Elidora!" Meska  yelled out as she stomped her hooves into the ground and gave a long disgusted face as well as a displeased snort and stomped over to the shelter. Elidora's guilt became even heaver she had lost it all, her father, her family, her friends, and most of all her freedom. She missed all of them so much, her heart felt like an old machine that would stop ticking then start up again even worse and would eventually break forever. As Red and Jet were put inside their stalls or pens, what ever you would consider them, it started to rain. It was like the sky itself was in as much guilt and sadness as Elidora. Meska made well sure to Elidora that she didn't want to even share the shelter with her, biting Elidora every time as she attempted to come near. Elidora quickly became jealous of Red and Jet in their cozy little cages which were warm and dry. Meska didn't seem to care, although she was quite dry herself. The rain lasted half way into the night and by the time it had stopped Elidora was soaking wet, and her muscles and bones ached. Every now and then Elidora checked on how Meska was doing, and would get a glare each time, but it made Elidora feel better, Just knowing that Meska had enough will and energy to give a glare and have her head lifted, made her happy and yet very sad. Eventually Elidora and Meska nodded off to sleep, with Meska sleep standing and Elidora laying down.
  In the morning Meska was the first to wake, she was still dry and clean, as poor Elidora was muddy and still wet. Meska gave a glare as she stood over Elidora, who was still sleeping soundly. Meska smirked as she scooped up a ton of muddy hay and dirt into Elidora's face with her hoof. Before Meska could even move away, Elidora snapped awake, and stood to her feet, stumbling a bit before pinning her ears and leaping at Meska. "What was that for!" Elidora snapped as she reared up plunging her hooves into Meska's side. "OW! Stop it!" Meska yelped out with a loud squeal. Elidora chased Meska around the small enclosure, biting and snapping her teeth at Meska as she said "That was pay back!" Meska reared up only to meet the eyes of one angry Elidora rearing as their bodies collided, with each of them making a racket. Meska slipped on some mud and fell flat on her side, as Elidora groaned and said "That was for not sharing last night you old goat." All the noise had attracted Jet's attention who was clearly visible from the barn. Just as Jet was about to say something Red interrupted and said "Don't even start Jet, its too early and I need more rest." Jet frowned and pinned his ears, turning his back to Red who was not visible and went back to sleep. Meska had gotten up by then and she shoved Elidora right into the tall fencing. Elidora was starting to get irritated and so was Meska. "What you wanna fight now huh Meska?" Elidora's voice rattled. "Please, not that you would be a good fighter you foal, I'm older then you, plus mares don't fight, thats a stallions job... oh wait Bruce is dead guess no stallions, no fights, now go back to your muddy puddle and cry!" Meska said harshly. Elidora snorted, her eyes clearly angry as well as her expression and stance. Elidora had fought before, with other horses, mainly colts. "I had always wanted to be a stallion, they always got all the action and more freedoms, being a mare stunk in her mind, but enough thinking, Meska will pay for insulting Bruce like that!" she said in her mind. Elidora charged at Meska, their hooves clashing into one another, each biting, each acting like fools. Blood was almost everywhere by the time they had awoken Zander and Axel. Meska was much larger then Elidora, she was way older too, and it was easy to overpower a tired young not full grown horse. Elidora was on her back now, at the mercy of Meska whom was about to finish the young filly as a rope had swung around her neck and pulled her back. "Axel get the golden filly out now!" Zander yelled, his grip starting to loosen from Meska's struggling rage. Axel ran in, lifted up Elidora's head and stuck what seemed to be a rope tied in together that fit around her head almost perfectly. In fear Elidora got up with the rope all over her face as she was pulled out of the pen, just before Zander lost hold of the rope and Axel shut the gate. Elidora was too tired to struggle free as she was led into a stall right next to Red who had a terrified expression on his face. "Pa we can't have her in here, remember she proved she could jump over the gate, I bet if she tried she could hop over it even in a small stall." Axel said in what seemed to be a worried tone. "Then hobble her front legs Axel."Zander said in a strict tone then saying. "We can't have them killing each other so this is the best we got right now." Axel bent down weaving the rope he used that was attached the the rope head thing, into a tight fitted knot. Elidora didn't like the feeling of her legs tied together, she started to panic, jerking around, and hitting Axel as he finished the knot, and knocking him out of the pen. "Just leave her for now, We can clean her up later, she is way to scared now." Zander said as he helped Axel up off the ground and made sure he was okay. They both went over to the back of the barn and filled up five wooden buckets full of what reminded Elidora of the wild grain that grows out in the mountains. Axel dropped one on a hook that was on all of the stall doors. "Axel go feed that mare outside, and make sure the fence is okay, they seemed pretty determined, and might of damaged the fence." Zander spoke in a calm voice as he walked over to the cow and calf from before and dropped one bucket on a hook that was lower to the ground, then moved on to Elidora's and Red's stalls. Jet had already begun stuffing his face full of the stuff, Elidora tilted her head and narrowed her eyes, at Jet then looked a Red who was eating it like Jet but less messy. Red looked at her and said "We get this every morning and afternoon, It may not be what you're used to eating but, its still darn good." Elidora took another glance at Jet who had grains all over his face, with his mouth full of the stuff. "Are you sure its safe, I mean look at Jet, uh... ew don't look at Jet!" Elidora said, her voice sounding as if it were to throw up right as she said it. Jet was licking his face now, trying to get a piece of grain between his nostrils, as his eyes focused hard on it.

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