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Wolf Dakotian

Height: 4 ft 4 to 4ft 11(Were: 4 ft 11 to 5 ft 4)

Weight: 450 to 500 (Were: 500 to 580 Lb) 

Strength: 3 of 10

Flying: 6 of 10

Speed: 7 of 10

Ki Power: 5 of 10

Intelligence: 4 of 10

Stamina: 6 of 10

Defense: 2 of 10

Attack: 4 of 10

Health: 3 of 10

The wolf dakotian is second to the golden horned in how common they are. These guys take after the looks of a wolf. Their horns are smooth and almost straight compared to most dakotian species. These horns are often cream or silvery colors, never bright gold. Their fur is dense and fluffy and they always have feathered wings. Wolf dakotians come in a wide range of natural colors, most like real life wolves, however they can possess some stripes but never spots. Their feathers can be tipped with dark or light colors, sometimes both. Their tails are like a wolf tail, some can be short furred or fluffy like most. Their ears are big and keen on hearing but their sense of smell is what really sets them apart. Their flying skills are very good compared to most dakotians, with their feathered wings they can reach one of the fastest flying speeds, which are around 200 miles per hour. Running speeds reach around 110 miles per hour. They are also the only known dakotian to have or get lycanthropy, these forms are called the Werewolf Dakotian. Often when found out they are mostly killed, with some escaping to safety of the Windseeker territory, hiding in the dense woodlands and jungles. It is considered a taboo to be one. When in this form their fur along with their other features become a darker color, and some get bat wings with few feathers. They also get bigger and slightly stronger and only change forms at night, some can even master the transformation and be in either form whenever they want. Wolf dakotians  are not very advanced and tend to have a native tribal culture. They are carnivores and hunt in packs like real wolves. They often do everything together much like families, even if they aren’t blood related. They prefer to not enter wars and are very peaceful and care very much for the balance of natures and power. They are known for giving birth to 3 or more pups at once. Ranging in sizes of 4 foot 4 to 4 foot 11 as a normal dakotian and weigh around 450 to 500 pounds. Their werewolf forms are normally 4 foot 11 to 5 foot 4 and weigh around 500 to 580 pounds. They tend to live around 270 years for both.

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November 21, 2016
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