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WindSeeker Dakotian

Height: 4ft 9 to 5ft 1

Weight: 390 to 425 lb

Strength: 3 of 10

Speed: 7 of 10

Ki Power: 4 of 10

Intelligence: 5 of 10

Flying: 6 of 10

Stamina: 4 of 10

Defense: 1 of 10

Attack: 1 of 10

Health: 4 of 10

Windseekers have a slim and somewhat long body, medium sized wings, a thick medium length tail and antler like horns. Their ears are large and very flexible feet. They live in jungles or heavily forested areas. The flames on their body are the same color as their ki and can tell you how healthy and strong they are depending on the size of the fire and how bright it is. These Ki flames can appear on their neck, back, tail and chest. Rarely ever appearing on their legs. These ki flames do not burn and are not warm, but they move like they are alive. They come in many tropical colors like birds of paradise. Their wings are always a separate vibrant color than their body They are pacifists and tend to be lazy and sometimes overly friendly. Windseekers eat fruits, nuts and plants. They are the only known dakotian to have this kind of diet. Windseekers mostly have molars and 4 candies to help crack open hard food.They tend to not fly well in open areas and tend to fly from branch to branch. Using their feet and tail in this process of flying. Windseekers can only have stripes and no spots. These markings also come in vibrant colors. They are around the average size of most dakotian species, coming in 4 foot 9 inches to 5 foot 1 inches. They can weigh in around 390 to 425 pounds. They live up to 320 years. With flying speeds of only 90 miles per hour and running speeds of 70 miles per hour they are possibly the slowest or the laziest dakotian species in existence.

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May 25, 2017
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