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Ever wonder how Archen turned good? Well here ya go. The good old daily artwork is back up now that I feel better!

Here is Archen's Ref :P…

   Archen had returned, possibly for revenge or his once proud reign. So here were the two shadow dakotian's in a stand off with no words exchanged. The past shadow dakotian stood there, with a docile stance, looking on with hopeful eyes, but Dakota wasn't buying it, maybe he was deep down. Yet as he was here, poised for battle, his enemy made no aggressive move. Odd. The legendary dakotian gave a half cocked smile, an aggression absent expression as he sat there. Those golden eyes of his normal form boring into Dakota himself. He'd taken down Archen before, however this time, the past shadow dakotian didn't act first. He didn't provoke his descendant, and he looked... happy? "What are you doing back?" Dakota brayed out the question, his voice hissing with annoyance more than fear or anger. When Archen didn't respond, Dakota narrowed his eyes, taking a step forward with confidence, fear would be his enemy here, against such a strong opponent. "Your going back where you belong Archen." Dakota growled, moving even closer. Yet Archen didn't move away, there he sat. Which Dakota's threat the elder of the two; Archen chuckled at that statement, looking very cheerful. "Hold your horses, I don't mean any harm." Archen said with an almost too convincing smile,closing his eyes while he gave a toothy smile. "Yeah right. You mean like what happened last time?" Dakota said calmly, trying to remain at ease, he didn't want to make things worse, and he did so stopping his approach to the powerful enemy before him. Sighing Archen looked on with a frown, like he was sorry for something, and Dakota returned a hard stone cold glare. "I do admit, I've done some awful things." Archen said, looking on with a disappointed face. Dakota remained silent, not trusting his grandfather/past life one bit. "That doesn't mean I can only do bad things. I have a proposal!" The elder of the two said happily, wagging his tail slowly. "I'm sure any proposal with you would be bad for me and good for you." Dakota challenged, tensing up while growling quietly. "Hmm." Archen said, taking in what his offspring's offspring said. "I was only going to say, if you let me stay out here and not in that shadow prison, I'll help you out. Be a good guy! A change of pace would be lovely." He said, relaxing his body, even as Dakota tensed up. The past shadow dakotian was determined to stay here, but he chose a different approach this time, a more... docile, believing one. Did he intend to help and be good? Yeah, somewhat, that doesn't mean he couldn't be a tad bit bad right? Dakota did relax to some degree, lifting his head up high as he scowled, using his father's tactics, well trying to. "You've got to be joking!" The younger dakotian snarled, stomping one of his paws into the ground roughly, causing a minor earthquake between the two of them. Archen sat there, looking unimpressed at that little show, but he was concerned as his plan didn't appear to be going as well as he thought. "You think I'm joking? Really?" He responded out of wit, trying desperatly to ease his younger half, reincarnation. That struck a spot in Dakota's mind. For he froze, his aggressive stance dropped into one of shock. "R-really? You really want to try and be good?" Dakota said with shock, his voice calmed into an almost whimper as he spoke. "Indeed. It can't be too hard now, seeing a shadow dakotian like you can be so." Archen spoke proudly, holding a single paw to his chest. Dakota was sweating, not because he was tired, because he was anxious, nervous, even worried as to what Archen was getting at. "Well?" Archen asked, giving Dakota an intense stare down when the younger didn't respond to his last sentence. Snapping out of his temporary confusion Dakota stood up taller, giving a small nod. "Deal." He said hesitantly, flinching slightly when his former, maybe still enemy stood up and skipped over like a child. "But that doesn't mean we shouldn't take caution with you." Dakota snapped, stepping to the side as Archen went to lean on him. "Oh, of course. Smart grandson." He said in an almost teasing voice. "Dumb grandfather." Dakota countered, grinning smugly when Archen looked annoyed, but he brushed it off and made his way towards the village. Of course Dakota followed a few feet behind him, warily watching his grandfather who was also his past life, confusing right? "You don't need to lag behind dear boy." Archen spoke loudly, stopping in his place. This got Dakota to flinch and stop where he was. If Archen had been looking he would of seen that and maybe even chuckled. Dakota snorted, following Archen again as he started on his way once again. However the young dakotian decided to show some kindness and trust, by walking side by side with him. If Archen meant good, he could become a very valuable ally.
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December 2, 2016
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