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Anyway I decided to draw something that is still to come and is far away from being released in any of the books of the series (because I'm still on book one...) 

So I'm sure you all don't know this (i mean who could since it isn't even out/published yet xD) But the reason why Dakota is so big is because he stole the role of being the demon king (aka god of chaos and read below) The old one (Akuma) was around the same size. All of the red features of the shadow dakotian will vanish leaving a full on black living nightmare of a dakotian. Dakota can go out of this form and sustain the weaker/older form of the shadow dakotian for the sake of not seeming intimidating and when he is trying not to destroy stuff. The way he was able to get this form is still unknown/unrevealed to most but fear not you shall find out someday... 

A good song…


    A beast stood before him. Someone so far gone he didn’t even recognize them. Red and black fire scorched the land around them. The beast was far larger than anyone normal, bigger than they used to be.  The smaller one held his head down, his wings spread out and limp with despair. That ever present feeling that he was going to die whenever HE was around. The beast just stood there in amusement, a malice grin riddled on his darkened features. The smaller slowly looked up, tears welling up from his green eyes. Blood staining his brown and white fur.  His tail laid limp on the ground opposed to HIS tail which was flicking around in amusement. The beast was someone he knew, someone he looked up to. Someone he was so close to. “Please Dakota please don’t do this. I can’t bare another minute of this.” The smaller begged, keeping his eyes strictly away from those bloody void filled eyes.

    He closed his own green eyes for a minute. Deep and dark chuckling could be heard. It was void of anything but pure madness. Just like those eyes. The smaller being’s eyes snapped open, a growl erupting from deep within his throat. He wanted so bad to look the monster that ruined everything in the eyes. But he doesn’t, he knew just one small glance could potentially knock him unconscious.The worst that could happen would be instant death. Yet he knew the creature before him would never allow the ‘fun’ to be ended so soon.

    Mercy was long gone, it left with the first to fall of this monster’s enemies. It made him sick, that the one he knew so well could be capable of such evil doings, but here they were, doing exactly what they used to fight so hard to prevent. He could clearly remember the horrid and sadistic look on this monster’s face when his student and friend was killed right before him. And he could do nothing to stop him, but now everything was different, he was stronger. “I’m going to kill you… I’m going to paint the land with your unworthy blood. I’m going to hang your guts on spears around the palace walls for all the world to see. As proof that you were defeated and humiliated!” The smaller one yelled, his whole body was tense and ready for battle. The monster before him broke into a series of manic laughter and chuckles.

    Then finally the monster before him spoke. “You can’t kill me I am the strongest thing on this damned planet. I am stronger than you, than my brother and most certainly then you’re  heavenly god you all worship so much. If I have to kill every heavenly worshiper to prove my point I will. I am your god now. I am the only god anyone will ever remember! I am Dakota.... The god of chaos, a nightmare no one will ever escape!” The beast was ranting, his tail slamming into the ground which shook violently like an earthquake.

    Lumbering steps were taken, which caused the much smaller being to back up, their tail curled close to their much smaller form. Bravery found it’s way back into the red furred beast who know held his ground fiercely. “I… I will kill you!” He roared, still avoiding any eye contact. More dark laughing could be heard, the beast before him threw his head back in maniacal laughter. “I might just hold you to that Ari…” He spoke darkly. Ari couldn’t see what was going on but the beast before him had an eerie grin on his face, his features turning even darker than before.
     “This will be your last day alive!” The beast bellowed as he charged the much smaller of the two. Ari spread his wings open, each feather standing on end. He was ready to take off. “We’ll see about that!” Ari roared as he took off into the air. They were going to collide, they were going to do battle and only one would walk out alive.

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