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Forgot to upload this xD anyway here it is... 

Short story has a little insight on Khar cause why not. 

A good song for this…

Short story - Khar’s P.O.V. (Could be spoilers :P

    Many say that I’m just your average everyday enemy. They’re all wrong. While many have a purpose for doing what they did or possibly will do. I however do not. The reasons I have are… well let's say… childish in a way. Many ask why I do what I do. Why I kill, why I have no compassion or sympathy. Lets just say they didn’t live long after they asked that.

    My creators believed I did what I did because they told me to. No. I did it because it suited me, I have an actual reason to do it. A childish reason but still a reason nonetheless.

    Dakota believes I do what I do because of what my creators did to me. Lets just say he wasn’t half wrong. But with ‘them’ no longer nipping at my heels and screaming commands in my ears I no longer had a legitimate reason for what I do.

    Domino believed that I did what I did because it was what he wanted too or was it that I loved him? Still wrong. While I may find satisfaction in humoring him like that it wasn’t ‘the’ reason. Many didn’t scratch beneath the surface of my complexity.

    They all just assumed I did what I did because I was both a sadist and a Masochist. I am both but that isn’t the real reason. You see everyone thinks they know me but the sad thing is they don’t. Not even my ‘beloved’ Domino. They don’t because deep down in my twisted little mind there is nothing. Nothing at all.

    No love, no emotions, all… all of it is faux. Fake. An illusion. A mask premade into my psyche before I even knew it was there myself. It was like I was a doorway with no door, with no room behind it.

    Empty. An empty gateway. I guess you could say I didn’t have a soul, perhaps it was because I wasn’t real. I was an imitation. Both of us are; Domino and I. My reason… I wanted to be something. I wanted to be the something that was missing. A gateway to something.

    So I became a gateway to hell. No one had to know my sick twisted mind was more broken inside than it was believed to be. I’m a sadist when it came to condemning people to their death. Almost as if I were really meant to be a Grim Reaper or a Shinigami.

    I do what I do because I can and no one can stop me, not forever.

    “I am Khar and welcome to my hell…”  

HirisElevis Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2018   Digital Artist
I really love his theethy smile scree

Also this brings a deeper devellopment about him, i love to know he felt empty and then wanted to be a gate. A gateway to hell is a hella good choice huhuhu
Redwolfless Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks! Khar has some good chompers xD 

I had to think a bit for a good development for him. Khar is a sinister little gateway :P 
HirisElevis Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2018   Digital Artist
yussss xD and ye i think you do really well so far, i hope to see more of this with well.. all your OC screee
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