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Dakota was impressed, that a young Dakotian that was rude,cocky,short-tempered, turned out to be an obedient,strong,well organized fighter. His name was Ari, when he first came Dakota didn’t think he’d make it, Ari hated team work, he hated being beaten, but now here that youngling was about to fight Dakota’s opponent of choice to become the elite captain guard. Dakota knew Ari had great potential, so he chose himself to face Ari. The rules were:No flying out of the arena boundary, no help from bystanders, and who ever is disabled or apprehended first is the loser. As Ari stepped into the arena his mind flashed around on who would he have to fight. He looked around, his team who he had hated was now here… cheering for him! Ari tensioned as the gate opened, he gave a shocked face as Dakota stepped in his fur black,his eyes red and a proud smile on his face. Skylar was seen at a balcony rolling his eyes and saying “Good luck kid…” Dakota stepped forward. His wings spread elegantly, his head held up high, and his tail raised, here he looked like a true lord, but Dakota was doing so to scare Ari, he wanted to see what Ari would do and how he would cope. Ari gulped down his fear, he flung out his wings, each feather tipped with white, his tail laid low, all feathers outstretched on it, his head curled downward as a sign of respect as he gave a bow. Dakota tilted his head down acknowledging Ari’s respect then said in a strong voice “You have come far, you made mistakes here and there… but look at you now, a true leader had risen from that young Dakotian. I only wish you the best of luck.” Dakota spoke loudly so everyone could hear, and Skylar rang the gong and yelled “Begin!”

Ari Launched backwards avoiding Dakota’s wing sweep. Ari knew Dakota would do that, it was a way to bring your enemy at your mercy, to cut them down before they advance. Ari’s feathered wings and lean body gave him an edge, he was faster than Dakota, who was bulky, wide with huge wings… powerful wings at that. Dakota did not advance, he was a defense in the start of a battle, but then will turn into an offensive fighter, Ari would need to attack but then he would be wasting more energy. Ari widened his mouth and a sizzling electric wave burst out of his mouth, the volts were green like his aura. As the wave speed to Dakota, Ari advanced around behind him, sending another towards him. Dakota leaped up, his wings were strong and it didn’t require much power to lift him, Ari Yelled “WHAT?!” Dakota was faster than he thought. Dakota whirled around to face Ari, his tail curling behind him, Ari was almost upon him now, Dakota twisted around, his massive thick tail flung from its scorpion curl and landing into Ari’s shoulder sending him spiraling downward. The crowd aued as the move, it was too fast to tell exactly what it was but it sent the challenger down. Ari flung himself around, his wings sturdy and straight slowing his fall, his feet hit the ground. He turned his head to see Dakota right behind him, he tucked his wings in spinning around, and jumping back.

    The battle was grueling and long Ari took blow after blow as Dakota countered constantly. Ari kept getting up, he was hurt badly, but how could he just give up? He wanted to be the Elite captain guard, it has always been his dream. Dakota stopped and watched Ari get  back up. “Shall we step it up a bit?” Dakota scowled as he spoke. An area started to glow red as a sword appeared from nothing. “This is a conjured weapon, all Dakotian’s have a weapon like this, some may be axes, spears, or leg blades. This is mine, the ten thousand pound sword, bad name I know, but it does weigh a lot. Now summon yours and we can continue.” Dakota exclaimed. Ari turned his head to the ground, tears coming from his eyes. “You’re… you’re too strong, I can’t win.” Dakota frowned “Now that is not true, summon your true power and find your weapon.” Ari stood up, he growled then charged at Dakota, whom grabbed his sword with his aura and blocked him. Ari stumbled back, the sword did weigh a lot, and it cut him bad. Ari took a deep breath, then opened his eyes, they were green, yes his eye color is green, but a glowing green. He panted hard, his sweat lifting up in the air as the blood did as well, and evaporated as a green flame swarmed him. Ari blinked, it was his aura! It was warm,precious, and beautiful. Ari flexed his wings and shoulders, it may not be a conjured weapon but he had his aura unlocked now. Dakota tensioned, his carefree expression now serious, like he knew what was coming and how strong Ari was now. Ari launched in a blaze of fire, it was so fast only remnants of the green flame were left, it was almost hard to tell where he went. Dakota look around, his ears flicked upwards as Ari was diving for him. Dakota lifted his sword to stop Ari in his tracks. As they collided a boom could be heard, the ground where Dakota was had sunken down a bit. Ari grabbed hold of his sword, his eyes determined and hopeful, Dakota grunted as he heaved the sword sideways, but Ari was still on! Ari roared as he flipped the sword away from Dakota’s reach and it disappeared. Dakota threw a punch to Ari, he caught it…. And not only did he grab it he sent it back, knocking Dakota flat off his feet. Ari dropped to the ground, as Dakota stood up and lowered his head, revealing his horn and charged readying to ram Ari. Ari winced, his horns were smaller less wide than Dakota’s but Ari did the same and charge as well, with greater speed. As they collided horns, their muscled jolting from the hit, Ari fell back, his head pounding from that attack. Dakota smiled, his tail lashed around like an angry cat. Dakota relaxed himself, his power increasing and Ari could smell it, see it and hear it… Dakota’s aura showed itself, black and red lashing around like a fire that was alive, a black cloud hovered around the fire as well. Ari shuttered, he was scared, no terrified. He needed a weapon but how does one conjure their weapon? It made no sense. “Wait… I’m thinking to hard” Ari told himself in his mind. Ari leaped back a huge distance, then closed his eyes, trying to summon his weapon. Dakota seized the opportunity to attack, he was now on the offensive. In a flash as Dakota neared Ari, a great two bladed green and black spear appeared, as Ari grabbed it in his fangs he lashed Dakota’s side causing him to stumble to the ground. Dakota smiled, his sword coming into view, his flames seemed to grab hold of it, now that Ari looked closer, his flames were helping him keep the spear in his mouth. Dakota swung the sword at Ari, his spear blocking every swipe. Dakota growled and sent his tail around Ari’s rear. Ari swung around to attack his tail, the tail of a Dakotian was a weak spot, and many don’t use their tails in battle. Dakota swirled his tail under Ari’s feet, as his sword thrust itself right into Ari’s feathered tail. Ari howled out in pain, the sword was broad and it almost cut his entire tail tip off. Dakota has purposely only slice half of Ari’s tail width. Ari gave into tears, he was trying to fight off the pain, his spear and aura had disappeared, that's what happens, it will temporarily shut a Dakotians power off, as long as it wasn’t shadow stone the power will come back soon. Dakota walked around to face Ari and said “A valiant effort Ari, I am very proud of you, but it is over.” Dakota’s sword vanished, Ari’s tail was now free, but hurt badly, it would heal in a few days or hours depending on how bad it was. Ari stood up, he was silent, his proud fearless expression gone. “Ari was done very well, he has excelled in everything, except teamwork, but he learned quickly and is a true leader with true power, which is why…” Ari’s head lifted up his expression surprised and overjoyed “ I, Lord Dakota, have chosen myself as his opponent, even though there was no way to beat me, I still had to test his powers, and he has passed…” Dakota turned and rested his wing on Ari’s shoulder and continued talking “Which is why I have chosen him to be the first ever Elite captain guard… Congratulations Ari!” The crowd seemed to roar in joy, they clapped their wings together, stomped their feet and yelled in joy. Ari looked at Dakota, Skylar, and his friends. Dakota then said “Now Ari, who are going to be the first Elite guards?” Ari looked to his friends, his team and smiled…..
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