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This isn't finished, just a simple sketched out version. Short story will be available now considering I might not finish this...

Spoiler Alert! 

“How long have you been having these nightmares?” The elder Shadow Dakotian muttered in a certainly concerned tone. His golden eyes clashed horribly with his golden fur, blended in almost. He had the eyes of a stone cold killer, but they held some hope in them. Hope that he was still salvageable. Archen. The stone cold king, reformed and allowed freedom from his prison. While his face was showing his apathetic side his voice told another story.

The person in question took a deep shuddering sigh. Upset. It was clear. “You need to tell me. How long?” Archen used a more demanding tone. A tone of a king, even if he wasn’t any longer. “A few months.” The tone of his voice wasn’t befitting of the person’s stature. It made Archen’s skin crawl under his fur. It made the scars across his face burn and itch. The once ruthless king knew when he was lying to him. Having been with him all these years, knowing what made the younger Dakotian tick, what set him over the edge, even his very thoughts.

All that he knew, but no longer did he have access to them. Archen was a free dakotian, no longer trapped within the younger Shadow Dakotian. Yes. The great Archen knew when Dakota was lying to him. “A few?” It wasn’t a question. Archen was praying for the truth. His tone of voice harsh, like a hissing dragon. Golden eyes sought to see the bright green eyes. He was denied access to them. Dakota refused to look at him. The great warrior who had beaten him in battle and resisted against him his entire life now trembling, no. Cowering before him.

Dakota gave another deep shuddering sigh, tears leaking out of his closed eyes. “Six months.” He admitted finally. Still with that apathetic expression on his face. “Everynight?” He inquired curiously. Without a pause Dakota responded, fearing hesitation would piss off the elder Dakotian. “Yes.” It was a simple answer, one word. The younger stole a quick glance. Noticing the clenched teeth and furious expression rise upon Archen’s scarred face. “Why didn’t you tell anyone.” Archen’s voice was harsh, perhaps the harshest it’s ever been. Dakota opened his eyes, his vision blurred out from the tears.

“And tell them what?” Dakota hissed, finding some backbone. Even if it was for a mere second or two. Archen held his tongue, glaring down at the once proud and unbreakable kid. Yes a kid. Archen only saw a scared little child right now. A child who feared punishment. It brought fear to Dakota; seeing Archen so… lifeless yet furious at the same time. “What would you expect me to tell them? That I’ve been having nightmares about killing them, you, my own children? That in those nightmares I may have enjoyed it? That deep down I’m just a scared little kid. I’m scared, no I’m terrified. You don’t understand Archen! I’m not as invincible as people think I am. I’m scared of myself! I’m scared I’ll wake up one day and I won’t be me. I won’t be the me I am now.” Dakota’s voice cracked and Archen could see him visibly shaking, yet seething deep down at the same time.

Archen wouldn’t admit it but these nightmares Dakota has told him about unnerved him. Part of Archen was afraid that he would not wake up one day. “It’s the same nightmare every night. Nothing changes it’s just the same. It just keeps saying the same thing…” That peaked Archen’s interest. “What does it say?” Dakota had described the dream, but the younger Dakotian wouldn’t tell him exactly what was said in his dream. The elder Dakotian had only learned about Dakota’s nightmares yesterday, part of him hoped Dakota would tell him more, and that he did.

“ It keeps telling me
‘Something terrible is coming, and it's going to hurt… Your brother will turn on you, as do you turn on everyone…’ and I can’t do anything to it. I want it to end and it just doesn’t. ‘It hurts…’ it always screams and screams the same damn things.” Dakota was breaking down, Archen could see it. Back before he decided to be one of the ‘good guys’ he would have reveled in seeing the boy so broken down. Archen would have taken advantage of Dakota’s weakened state. But now, he just feels pity, sympathy.

“Tonight I will be returning back into my prison. I want to see it for myself, I’m willing to bet I know who is behind this.” Archen sounded so sure of himself. Dakota held a surprised face, unsure if Archen was just pulling his leg. “You don’t have to.” Dakota retorted, deep down he didn’t want Archen to see what has been haunting him. What if Archen told someone. What if he and everyone else
turned on him, like his dream said would happen.

“Just for tonight, nothing more.” The look on the elder Dakotian’s face proved he did not like the idea, however he was willing to put up with being back in that hell scape just for tonight. “Promise you won’t tell anyone.” Dakota sounded desperate. It unnerved the once ruthless king. “I won’t.” Archen wanted to prove himself to Dakota, to prove that he had his back no matter what. Perhaps he was doing this for his own selfish gain, Dakota had clearly trusted him enough to let him in on this information but Dakota still refused to let him ever leave the castle grounds or even fight. Yes, Archen kept telling himself it was for his own gain. It Dakota trusted him unconditionally then the others would too.

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