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Scene from chapter eight which can be founder here...…

Check this song out o3o matches this scene sorta...… And I wonder who the heck these two are... lol

“You take me for a fool do you not?”
A voice snarled under his breath. Eyes a livid red color. His form partly made up of shadows and smoke.The female only looked at him with an amused smirk. She too had the same effects around her body. They were in some kind of chamber, round but it had dark barred cells all around it. Damp and dark. Others with the same appearance as them. It was the place where all shadow dakotians go when they die.

“I take everyone for a fool. You should know this by now.” Was the female’s response. Hissing with absolute loathing for her reincarnation, well one of them. Only she and the one male we in the middle of the room, the rest were doing their own things. None of them have power here. All trapped inside their current reincarnation; Dakota.

“Look at me Archen!” The female hissed, and her counterpart only winced and looked at her. She was the first ever, she was the ruler here. Said male was sitting down now, looking at her even as she circled his sitting form. “You clearly don’t know what you’re doing. Dakota isn’t listening to you anymore. A couple more years is all I give you, if not I’ll take matters into my own talons.” The female scolded, slapping the male across the face without a second thought.

He didn’t resist or fight back, he let the punishment take place. It was small so he considered himself lucky. “I understand…” He responded quietly, not looking at her as she shoved him out of the way. “Dakota must be reined back into control, do I make myself clear?” Hissed the deadly female. “Crystal.” The male countered quickly, keeping his head bowed and his posture passive.

“Good. Our master gets restless, you can feel it, can you not?” The female spoke again, sounding sad now, resting her head and neck across the male’s back, smiling slightly. “He won’t be able to escape his prison without us. His power is still kept in check…” She continued, even as her male counterpart shuddered at the close contact. He didn’t like his past life, not one bit.

All too soon said female vanished in smoke, possibly going to her own chambers, or well cell for that matter. ‘Oh Dakota, if only you knew…’ The male thought.

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March 4, 2017
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