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So.... apparently if I use another internet browser I can upload stuff while at school... noted...
Anyway here is a short story. This is in the future so ya know spoilers...

SPOILER ALERT- You have been warned :P


    The things I’ve done. It would make any sane man or beast kill themselves by shame and guilt alone. Just think of it; no will or strength to stop yourself, to stop being controlled. And even the thought that occasionally comes to mind; You may have liked it. You didn’t mind kill off your friends and family. You actually did like it…

    The question is, why? Why did you stop loving and caring all this time, but then why? Why did you suddenly regain that love, the care that kept you free before.

    I admit it. I’ve done awful things. Things I cannot atone for.

    No power on earth could change that. It. You. The only thing left is death or just to live with your sorry self. Only left with those two options.

    Die, or live with those hateful glares, live as an enemy. To be attacked on sight. Killed if possible. That is my fate. Afterall there is no changing it. Escape is not an option. To live or die. That is your option. Just like I.

    But when that happens, you can’t go back. I couldn’t go back. Void, that is all that was left after what happened. What was destined to happen. Either you die trying to be what you were or you never look back. Becoming what you fought against. What you would die to prevent.

    Eyes that looked at you with love and compassion before. Now filled with hate and fear. The look that you couldn’t prevent. You couldn’t bare.

    I cried my crocodile tears, even true tears. Begged for redemption, but look where that got me. Determination and power failed me, my own will and family’s love failed me. I have nothing left put to obey and follow what ruined it all. It was all I had left. I’ve sinned, I do not deny it. I did not feel anything when I killed on my own, without any help. I admit it.

I enjoyed it...

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April 27, 2017
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