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Second attempt at this kind of shading. I think I did well, but maybe I could do better hehe xD Anyway story with this, and this is Archen just so you know~

The Gaze Of A Former Innocent

Archen’s Innocence

Long before the reign of Archen. Long before terror struck the earth. Long before the birth of Dakota. Long before the death of Armata. Before he rose to power, before he turned into the evil’s shade. Way before the war began, his life was peaceful and bright. His future uncertain. Those eyes…. Eyes of an innocent soul, when the scars on his face were anew. Baby fur still shedding, bones and teeth still growing. His eyes told you everything, he was kind,quiet, and certainly innocent. Golden eyes filled with hope and determination. Eyes that held and saw no evil. Eyes that had not been tainted. Eyes that first laid on his soulmate. Shining in the thought of a new friend, eyes that didn’t show their fear of rejection. Eyes that knew the meaning of love and mercy. But long after those eyes lost their shine. Those very eyes drained of all innocence, eyes forever stained with evil. Merciless eye they were. That kind soul had vanished, that undying love disintegrated. As Archen grew, that innocent child withered into nothing. Void. That is how you could describe it. Void of all things that once were. As good fled from that darkening soul. In time nothing remained of that former innocent child. All that was left in it’s wake was a merciless monster. Innocent eyes now eerie and deathly. That gaze hardened and stone cold. His love vanished, his mate dead. Their child scarred. Their love forgotten. In the end nothing remained, not even the corpse of the purest evil was spared as proof of the true true end. Those innocent eyes dyed long ago, but maybe they never existed, never to be real but only a mask to pull thy in.

And here is a poem by 
 Ishita Mehta that I thought went well with this theme/short story.

(Changed the girl to a boy to fit Archen better.) I DO NOT CLAIM THIS POEM AS MY OWN

I met a little boy,

As fragile as could be

And I don't know somehow,

He reminded me of me!

In his little eye he saw a dream,

Of happiness unmatched

But every time he made it true

There came a little catch

And each time a little tear,

Would fall on his knee

But again and again he tried

For he wanted to succeed.

His innocence was soon broken

In light of further days,

For every time he tried to smile,

Darkness pushed him away.

And though he broke entirely,

From within

Outside, he tried to put a show

And tried to mingle in.

And he tried to piece together

His unhappy shattered heart,

But inside he was tearing

Slowly. part by part.

I met a little boy

As fragile as could be,

It's hard to believe, I know

That boy was me.

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January 31, 2017
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